In one handy list, here are the ten new tracks you need to be listening to.

Roisin Murphy – Mastermind

It goes without saying that this new Roisin Murphy track is excellent. Two decades into her career, Roisin Murphy is seemingly incapable of producing music that is anything less than excellent. “Mastermind” is the lead single from Murphy’s forthcoming album Take Her Up to Monto. Recorded with long-time collaborator Eddie Stevens, the album is follow-up to 2015’s Hairless Toys.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Sai & Co

“Sai & Co” is the new track from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It’s everything you’d expect from Kyary – baffling and brilliant in equal measures. You’ll have this one lodged in your brain for days to come but don’t expect an apology from us – “Sai & Co” is so deliriously joyous it should be prescribed by doctors. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is set to play KOKO on 8 July.

LOOP – Looking At You

Great popstars don’t crawl towards the limelight, they explode onto the scene. Seemingly out of nowhere came LOOP, probably one of the next great popstars. “Looking At You” is LOOP’s second single, following on from the equally excellent “Love Bites”.

Albert Gold – Don’t Let Me Go

Hackney’s Albert Gold has dropped new single “Don’t Let Me Go” (a double AA side with “When The Sun Goes Down”. The lush production revels a hugely exciting new talent – there is incredible depth to his songwriting. The track could have easily been swamped by the layers but everything, including a stunning choir on backing duties, blends perfectly. It’s magical.

Ella On The Run – Undone

Ella On The Run, aka Stephanie Gautier, has shared her new EP Undone. The title track is a showcase for her brand of alt-pop – bombastic production and heart-breaking lyrics. Undone, which also features a surprisingly haunting cover of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” is out now and released by Skruffy Records.

Sody – Sorry

Sody (real name Sophie Dyson) has dropped debut single “Sorry”. The song deals with the swirling confusion that comes with being a teenager – a time few of us would wish to return to. Perfectly pitched (in every sense), the track was co-written by Sody, Martin Luke Brown and Phil Cook. Aged just 15, Sody has a long, and bright, future ahead.

T.O.L.D – Master Of The Species

T.O.L.D or The Order of Life and Death is the recording moniker of LA-based Daniel James Smith. The name was inspired by Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt’s ‘Death and Life. This darkness and light is evident on the “Master Of The Species”, the closing track from T.O.L.D’s debut LP It’s Not About the Witches. Slowly building to a euphoric ending, the track more than carries off the ambitious production – it soars. This is hugely confident musical statement. It’s Not About the Witches is released on 17 June on IAMSOUND.

Bo Rocha – Hold My Gaze

Bo Rocha is definitely one to watch. Her powerhouse vocals add the ferocity of her music with the heavy beats providing a sobering backdrop to lyrics which shake you with their honesty. “Hold My Gaze” is released on 27 May via Bait and Switch Records.

Liana Bank$ – LVLUP

Liana Banks, a 25-year-old singer/songwriter and native New Yorker, has dropped the video for “LVLUP” – the first track taken from her new mixtape “Insubordinate”. As introductions go, they don’t get much better than the YOBO produced “LVLUP”. Liana has a presence that can’t be constrained. Bank$ says: “People are so judgmental they’re always looking at you like “ehh, that’s cool, she could do better though”. Then when you do better they want you to be silent about it. Fuck that, I’m a causing a scene.”

Laura Mvula – Phenomenal Woman

“Phenomenal Woman” is the second single to be lifted from Laura Mvula’s new LP The Dreaming Room. Inspired by a Maya Angelou poem, the track blends gospel and funk to create something anthemic. The Dreaming Room drops on 17 June.

Dan Austin

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