New Noise: Eau Rouge

We get cosy with rising German three-piece Eau Rouge.

You’ll probably remember that last month we premiered a tasty track from the German trio Eau Rouge. Hailing from Stuggart, the band (consiting of Jonas Teryuco and Bo Zillmann on vocals, bass, keys and guitar, and Magnus Frey taking care of drums and percussion) formed in 2013 and have been building hype and cooking up a hybrid sound that’s part indie and part electronica ever since. Taking influence from groups and artists as disparate as Muse, Justice, Placebo and M83, tracks like “Hunting Melodies” combine heavy drums, and plenty of reverb, for a melancholic, midnight vibe that’ll have you addicted from the get go – it certainly wowed international audiences (Wonderland included) when Eau Rouge pitched up at Texas’ SxSW earlier this year.

With a faintly eerie atmosphere shading their addictive rock sensibilities and propensity for a killer hook, Eau Rouge are set for a whole lot of attention when they release their debut album, Nocturnal Rapture, this summer. We sit down with the boys to chat touring, inspiration, and fussball.

How did you guys end up forming a band together?

Magnus: We all come from the same town. Not too big but the music scene was ambitious. We had played in bands together before or known each other from common gigs. Until it was time to bring this together.

Take us through an average day for you?

Magnus: I don’t like average days. But a day just like I want a day to be was Monday. I wake up in the morning, I know it’s gonna be a day with the boys. We go to the studio and hang out with people that share our vibe. We’re all focused but I still beat Bo in tabletop football. We have a stroll in the city afterwards knowing that we managed to record something we love.

You performed at SxSW and in Sweden recently? Tell us about that?

Magnus: Pretty much the opposite of each other. Sweden is a place with beautiful landscape, not too crowded. A special mood up there in the North. Austin on the other hand was mad! A hundred million people and they’re all on their feet, ready to make the night golden!

A similarity would be the appreciation of music and especially live music.

Your debut album is on the way: what can we expect and how has the whole process been?

Jonas: It has the same ingredients that we used for the EP and it’s again produced by Benedikt Maile, which is very important for the sound. But making a full-length album gave us more room, so we were able to explore the sounds and the songs are more extreme – riff-heavy like ‘Hunting Melodies’ or dancey like ‘Outersphere’.

Since your EP, how has your sound changed/progressed – if at all?

Jonas: We’ve evolved as a live band and you can definitely hear that on the album, because the writing process also shifted more towards the rehearsal room.

You record in a basement? Would you say you have a DIY approach to recording and production or was that a one-off?

Jonas: We’ve also recorded at a studio, but we didn’t like the sound, so we went back to the basement. The drums we recorded at the studio were just too clean.

We’re very lucky to have Benedikt on board, he’s the reason why we’re able to make the record sound like this without having a big company in the background to pay for studiotime etc.

What’s been the greatest moment for you guys as a band thus far?

Magnus: The trip to the US – for us the source of all our musical dreams, the place where it all comes together. The fact that the three of us created something the was worth to be played there makes us proud.

You seem to like all kinds of music but who is top of the list in terms of influences?

Magnus: One main influence outshining all others would mean that you’re not heading for your own style. We’re constantly absorbing influences and music is just one thing out of many. But it all has to confluence into what you are and what you want to be as an artist.

When you’re writing music/lyrics, do you work together or does everyone have a prescribed role?

Jonas: Depends, for some of the songs, we record demos at home individually or pass around ideas in the dropbox, but others evolve when jamming in the rehearsal room, and ‘Hunting Melodies’ is one of those.

Where would you love to be in 10 years?

Magnus: We want to look back and be proud of how far we’ve taken it but stayed true to ourselves.

New Noise: Eau Rouge

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