New Noise: Ella On The Run

Discover the silky smooth cover by new queen on the alt-pop block, Ella On The Run.

New girl in town Ella On The Run caught the attention of the music industry in early 2014 when she appeared on Glastonbury’s long list of emerging artists and since then her impeccable song writing hands haven’t stopped scribbling, with previous EP “War Of Words” garnering huge radio and online attention. The London based alt-pop artist is causing a bit of a stir of late with her laid-back vocals and ultra smooth chords, combined on a cover worthy of making those dreaded rainy Sunday blues fade away into nothing but a warm bubble bath and cup of tea.

The singer songwriter’s new cover of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” is her latest venture that is sending her name high up there with the like of alt-pop queens Banks and Rosie Lowe. Filled with synth-y beats and laced with chilled out vocals, she has taken the upbeat 90s classic and transformed it into a raw, smouldering listen that caresses your ears and fits perfectly into modern electronic pop. With the release of her new EP “Undone” due to drop anytime soon, she certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon, something we are exceedingly grateful for.


We’re curious as to what made you choose to cover the 90s Ace of Base classic “All That She Wants?” Have you always been a fan?

I have a game I sometimes like to play with myself where imagining how I would re-interpret a song – a little like Live Lounge but in my head.  I had definitely thought about “All That She Wants” once or twice before because I was a big fan in the 90s and I still think it’s an epic pop song each time I hear it.  That is probably why it was floating around in my mind when Wurd Social asked me to perform a “retro” cover for their YouTube channel. I pretty much decided on it instantly and once I did the session, I knew I had to record it!

You completely changed the chorus melody – we love the chilled vibe! What influenced your decision to change it up so diversely?

It happened instantly really! I was at home messing around with some basic beats and recorded the first idea that popped into my mind on my phone. I took it to rehearsals later that day to show what vibe I was going for and my band members knew what to do. Almost a one take idea really.

What is the concept behind the name ‘Ella On The Run?’ What are you running from?

Everybody wants to know why Ella is On The Run … She just is. I try to constantly move forward, be it physically or musically, it is important to keep the momentum going and not remain stagnant. Does that make sense?  It’s also a name you won’t forget that easily.

How would you describe your sound?

Dark and sometimes quirky synth pop, with a hint of soul and rock? There are so many genre defying musicians at the moment it seams hard to even classify anything these days!

Your new EP “Undone” will be dropping soon – what can we expect from that?

Lyrically it is about a new chapter in my life. Less about frustrated relationships and more about post heartbreak/single life fun. The title Undone comes from the next single, as “All That She Wants” is already out there and I consciously wanted to name the EP after one of my own songs. I will be releasing the long version of “All That She Wants” though for those who can’t get enough of it! I think I’m showing a different side of myself on this EP both vocally and musically, so I am quite excited to see the reactions. I also worked with a new producer Dee Adam (Shannon Saunders, Andreya Triana) on one of the tracks, as well as co-producing the other tracks for the first time.

Where do you find your inspiration? In other artists, places or something else altogether?

All of the above! I tend to be quite creative everywhere else but at home. I am kind of OCD so I get easily distracted by the little unimportant things. So honestly I write best at a studio, under pressure. Most initial ideas come to me in the most inconvenient moments though, like when I am driving a car or cooking dinner or walking the dog. It’s when I’m alone with my thoughts that the best ideas take shape. Other artists are a huge help when I feel a writer’s block coming on. I can sit for hours just listening to new songs randomly on Spotify and then analysing the lyrics online if I like the song, to see where they are coming from. There is no fail-safe though but I believe it’s important not to go looking for inspiration… just kind of open your mind and let it in.

Talk us through your process from writing to recording… how do you develop your ideas?

Generally I only record once the writing is done and the ideas are fully fledged. It’s not only due to the fact that studio time is expensive, I think it also just makes for a stronger song to know what I want before I go in. Generally I write the song at the same time as the beat is being made and then I bounce my ideas back and forth with the producer. Once we are both happy we record it. If it’s an intense week of writing and recording, we always do all the writing first and then get the recording done in one go. Once I am in the “vocal” zone it’s better to just keep going.

You have performed sold out shows while supporting Tove Styrke. How did you find that? What can we expect from an ‘Ella On The Run’ live performance?

I opened for Tove last year at the Hoxton Bar and Grill, that was amazing. She’s a great artist and her fans were ace! I would love to do it again. Sold out shows are obviously the best, although I have not yet had that for myself in that large of a venue. Tove’s fans however treated me with so much love and support they definitely made me feel like they were my fans too! For this new album we are using a more electronic set up and have ditched the live drums for now. I am also more active with the instruments on stage and I use my sampler quite a bit now.

If you could play one venue in the world, where would it be?

Hmm somewhere in LA, maybe at the Troubadour? In London definitely at the Shepherds Bush Empire, because I saw my first show in London there. It got stuck in my head even though it’s not the biggest or most famous of all London venues. I do like the Brixton Academy as well.

Give us your top five new music tracks we should be listening to?

Lucius – “Born Again Teen”

Rosie Lowe – “Woman”

SG Lewis – “Warm”

Ben Khan – “Drive”

True – “Back in a Second”

“All That She Wants” is out now.

Francesca Lee
New Noise: Ella On The Run

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