Motel One London – Tower Hill

Motel One London – Tower Hill is the chic option on a budget for your next London stay.

Look, we know as well as you do that it can’t be 5 star, turbo-luxury, all day-every day: we’re not all getting that Kim K money, after all. Still, wouldn’t it be something if budget constraints didn’t have to mean damp ceilings, scuttling vermin and uninspired decor? Enter Motel One, the designer hotel brand committed to bringing quality and aesthetic excellence to those on a budget. Since their first London location opened back in 2014, they’ve been quietly earning a name for themselves as one of the capital’s canniest choices for the discerning traveler so, it goes without saying, we had to see what all the fuss was about for ourselves.

Situated between Tower Hill and Aldgate East station, the Motel One London – Tower Hill is perfectly located to enjoy both the old-world delights of central London as well as the vibrant scenes of the youth-driven East End. On top of that, it’s only a short journey away from Shakespeare’s Globe and St. Paul’s Cathedral – in case you’re in need of some heritage and culture (aren’t we all?). But to the hotel itself; the 291 room hotel captures something of London’s granduer and archaic elegance with its luxurious lounge replete with opulent touches of English charm. Whether its the leather armchairs, Chesterfield sofas or tweed accents, the feeling of a country manor is never far away at the London – Tower Hill. The impressive range of single malts on offer should only compound the stately vibes: or, at the very least, get you in the mood for a boogie.

Then there are the rooms. We know what you’re thinking. Low prices means pokey cupboards masquerading as bedrooms, right? Wrong. Decked out with clean, contemporary decor and high-count Egyptian cotton sheets every room is beautifully spacious and meticulously appointed (with LOEWE TVs as standard). Bathrooms, meanwhile, feature clean granite and glass and even monsoon shower fittings that’ll give you that spa-fresh feeling.  In fact we could go on all day about Motel One London – Tower Hill’s value for money but, to be honest, you may as well go and give it a try yourself. Trust us, you won’t regret it.