FCUK campaign: Wilson Oreyma

Meet Wilson Oreyma, one of the new faces of FCUK’s perfectly 90’s campaign.

FCUK- the logo that branded those t-shirts your mum wouldn’t let you wear in the years that you were desperate to rebel and relish in the provocative haze that was your teens- is back, and this time you might just be adult enough to make your own decision on whether you can wear one. Nothing says 90’s revival like an iconic slogan tee and this is no slight return.

The reintroduction of the design in French Connection’s newest Spring/Summer campaign comes with the logo abbreviation emblazoned across your chest in a bold font and is available in five muted colour tones, welcoming back the ultimate age of self-expression that we all know and love.

A brand that celebrates its British roots, it’s also keen on supporting new and emerging talent. As it did the first time around with the likes of Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Jason Statham starring as their look book models, this years campaign features the newest faces of up and coming talent: Parisian model and actress Angie Sherbourne, Argentinian artist Conie Vallese and British singer songwriter Will Heard all feature in the renascence. We chat to British model Wilson Oreyma, one of the front men in the sparkling new campaign about falling into modelling in his lunch break.

Can you tell us about how you came into modelling?

In May 2014, I was on my lunch break at a previous job when Melissa (Thompson) stopped me and asked if I wanted to walk a Margiela show… I was a bit sceptical at first, but fast forward a few weeks, I walked the show. At the show I then met Harley (Weir) who invited me to shoot with her a few days later, needless to say I called in sick for work that day haha. Then a few weeks after that I bumped into Grace (Wales Bonner) and the rest is history…

What has been your favourite modelling moment so far?

My first show with Maison Margiela is the one that comes to mind, or rather the whole trip in fact, for several reasons. It was my first step inside a world completely different to what I was familiar with, and allowed me to have a peek inside of a highly respected brand. Also being my first time travelling alone to another country, I was humbled by the kindness of strangers (now very good friends) in the city of Paris.

How was being the front man for FCUK’s new campaign?

It’s still a very surreal thing for me because I was an FCUK customer even before being asked to shoot for them. Now, you can say to yourself “I’d like to shoot with someday” and expect it to never happen, which was the case with me. So, you can imagine being asked by Harley (thanks again X!) to take part was quite a shock. And even past the shoot it’s been really lovely getting to know FCUK and some of the people behind the brand, who have been incredibly engaging and supportive in such a short amount of time- more so than almost any other brand I’ve worked with.

The campaign is all about a revival of the brand. If you could bring back one fashion item for a revival, what would it be?

Pouch bags.

What do you get up to when you’re not modelling?

I work as the Finance and Admin Coordinator for a London-based charity called “Regenerate.” I work on my own projects, the first of which is about Matriarchy, and should be out later this year (will be presented through a number of formats). I do creative direction for a music producer friend/cousin of mine (and occasionally others), which includes; cover art, brand identity, character design, etc. I occasionally write blog posts (and press releases) as a volunteer for a charity called “Raise the Roof Kenya” and I partake in performance art pieces, most recently for Asad Raza at the 2015 Frieze Art Fair, and Lina Hermsdorf at the 2016 Staedelschule Rundgang (Open House).

Do you have a person/era you take your fashion inspiration from?

There’s not a particular person I lend from. I often look at people I see in the street (or from manga/anime lol) and wonder “hmm, how could/would I make that look/item work for me?” and then move forward from there.

You’ve already walked for Maison Margiela and Grace Wales Bonner is there anyone you would love to walk for?

No one in particular. I’m more interested in doing shoots at this point.

So you prefer shoots over shows?

Yes, definitely shoots. While shows can be enjoyable, there’s not much room for experimentation- the atmosphere, more often than not is of the “fall in line” variety. In contrast, I like the freedom that comes with most shoots as I’m allowed and encouraged to experiment more with my approach (expressions, poses, aura/energy, and so on) as well as, being provided with more time (than a show would allow) to better understand those I am working with.

You describe yourself as an ‘artist in training’, tell us about your art ambitions?

The projects I create are birthed from noticing a knowledge gap that may be hindering me currently or will do so in the near future, and then hopefully being able to present my findings to others in a way which is informative and enjoyable (which I am still trying to work on, hence the “in training” bit haha). So, if I was to say I had any ambition, it’d be that each project has taught me something valuable in the process and has also been of value to anyone who has come across them.

You make YouTube on health, nutrition and books- tell us about how these things have an impact on your life?

I would say key changes to my diet a several points in my life has played a vital role in my development, especially in the areas of energy/endurance, brain power & capabilities, body defence/immune system growth and body functionality. While reading books has allowed me to massively reduce my knowledge gaps in various areas, and better prepare me for various situations I have come across in the past few years- although, that said, I still have a lot more to learn haha.

Francesca Lee
FCUK campaign: Wilson Oreyma

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