New Noise: Dinner

Dinner is about to release his debut album Psychic Lovers. But first we corner him for a chat about influences and meditation.

What would 80s pop and 90s dance sound like in a parallel reality? The sound of Danish producer and singer’s alternative electro-pop-meets-soft rock is what it would sound like. Sharing his time between Berlin, L.A., and Copenhagen, the traces of each city vibe creep in or instantly hook you. In an era that is all about blending multiple genres into your art, Dinner is trying to create his own.

His first singles from the album “Turn Me On” and “Cool As Ice” may have been nostalgic and transported us into an 80’s underworld but Dinner took us there without even trying. Whilst doing so he manages to give us this sound that is reminiscent of 90’s Euro-pop and 80’s synth-pop however Dinner’s intention sonically is not what you would expect. If you are able to invoke the ethereal existence found within his music than you’re on the right listening track. Think transporting on what Dinner calls “Earth-2.” After 3 EP’s, the impending first album to come from Dinner again have his indulgent baritone laced on eerie, murky-wave basses and distinctive arrangements will definitely be a new experience no matter how nostalgic it seems or sounds.

“Turn Me On” gives 80s and early 90s nostalgia. What about that era’s music inspires you?

What did the 80s or 90s sound like on Earth-2? You know, in a parallel reality. I think Dinner is a star there. That’s the era that really inspires me – past decades in a parallel reality.

How important is it to continue this 80s influence in your visuals?

Not very. I think it’s the Earth-2 reality that fascinates me most. That I want to keep going.

The album is out soon. How are you feeling about its release?

I’m a little nervous. But sometimes we all get nervous. So I meditate.

We love the album name. Why that title?

Who is your psychic lover, Wonderland? In Tantra they have the concept of deity yoga. You visualize a deity and imagine how its qualities wash over you, and change you. In my experience we’re all doing deity yoga, constantly. But maybe we’re worshipping demons not gods sometimes. Maybe our union with the psyche is a destructive love, not a beneficial one… It’s all about that divine union…

What can you tell us about the album, or what do you want to tell your listeners about Psychic Lovers before it comes out?

It’s about girls and parties and demons and gods… Wait, that sounded like a pitch of ‘the TV-show Girls meets HP Lovecraft’. Maybe just re-read the answer above – about the album title. Yes, that is probably better.

Before the album is out, you’ll be at SXSW? How do you feel about that? How was performing there last year?

I love it there. It is a non-stop party and you always end up in strange places. And strangeness in Texas can be so… strange.

What are your studio sessions like? Do you have ideas before or go in and play around with sounds first?

I go in with some scratch demos that I then play for 3 frequent collaborators Jannis Makrigiannis (Choir of Young Believers), Nicolai Koch (Pre-Be-Un) and Ralle Valldorf (Choir of Young Believers). They then come up with beautiful arrangements. Often very different from what I imagined. I then take the studio recordings home and edit, add instruments and mix.

Do you produce before you write, or the other way around? Why do you create like so?

Sometimes, sometimes not. Whatever feels good.

How does meditation help your creative process?

To me, meditation is like allowing your brain to take a daily shower. I have been meditating daily now for 11 years. Imagined if I hadn’t showered for 11 years!
So, this daily mental shower helps me be clear, helps me channel clearly.

Would you give your sound a classification? Is so what would it be?

Earth-2 rock.

Sonically what else do you want to explore in the future?

I just want to sit in a beach chair, at night, by the Mediterranean Sea and write songs

What else can we expect from you this year?

I’m gonna tour with Prince Rama this spring and open for Coco Rosie too. Then I’ve started a recurring guided group meditation in an abandoned gallery space in LA. I’ll put out a new hypno-tape later this year too – with a guided meditation by Dinner. Some more touring in the fall. And then I want to do a 7-hour audio commentary to my new record. The record is 40 minutes, so I thought 7 hours about me talking about is the least I could do…

Chenae Rodrigues
New Noise: Dinner

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