Model Behaviour: Lily Newmark

Amber Mahoney helps us get to know flame-haired model, Lily Newmark, a little better.

Can you tell us about how you got scouted?

I was scouted a few years ago by a Booker at First Model Management who saw me in a music video I performed in (“Lowlands” by Father Sculptor – directed by Luke S Prior). They wanted to open up a new strand in the agency for ‘talent’ (essentially model/actor types) and I fit the bill, despite my awkward small frame and strange features. I took it as an opportunity to have a go at discovering an unexpected career and maybe even changing industry standards. I was invited into the agency and was signed there and then!

What have you been up to since you got scouted?

I’ve been up to quite a lot… I mean, it has been almost 3 years! I don’t know where to start really… Ummm… So I was working at a brewery when I was scouted… I quit that job… I was also pursuing a career in acting… I’ve been working darn hard in that aspect of my life, so hard that it’s become my whole life.

I’ve been in countless music videos (the latest one being Rejjie Snow’s “Blakkst Skn” directed by Ian Pons Jewell), some short films and a few features. I’ve almost finished my degree at acting school, where I’ve trained in method acting, writing, directing, devising/collaborating in theatre and film. Acting school stole my dignity but helped me rediscover my imagination (Dunno… I felt like making a wanky statement).

In terms of modelling, well… I’ve certainly found my place in the industry, which, like every other aspect of my life, is outside the circle of tall, pretty, popular people and just in my own circle with imaginary friends and other misfits. By that, I mean no one wants to work with me as a ‘model’ but as a character, a ‘muse’ to some (I’m only quoting them, I’m not calling myself a muse, I promise!), or just as myself (which can be unbearably awkward FYI). So I’ve had a really interesting experience modelling, because I’ve never done the infamously boring ‘ecom’ or hand-modelling (no offence, hand models) but instead I’m cast in more interesting shoots that go beyond fashion and beauty.

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve worn on a shoot or in a show that you wish was yours?

EVERYTHING. (The stuff that fits, anyway)

Who would be your dream photographer to work with? Or your dream designer to work for?

I would be honoured to work with Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Alasdair McLellan, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino or Sorrenti. There are so many iconic designers I adore, but it would be bloody dreamy to work for Miu Miu.

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

I’m at acting school every day, all day, every week. I occasionally get special permission to take time off for professional acting work or big modelling jobs, but, honestly, I spend most of my life in a rehearsal room… or in bed, spooning a pillow and crying.

What’s been your favourite moment as a model so far?

Getting found by, now friend, Harley Weir, a couple years ago, who made me one of her muses and helped me discover confidence in my own strange beauty. She was the first female photographer I’d ever created a collaborative relationship with and the first to make me feel beautiful and powerful in my physicality.

Which city would you love to live in?

Landan 4eva <3 (New York or Tokyo would be cool though) Do you prefer shoots or shows?

Come off it! As if I’ve ever done a show! (Except this one time when Alexandra Groover asked me to be in her awesomely ethereal ‘Rebirth SS14’ show) I would love to do a show if they’d allow people under six foot with boobs and a bum to walky-walky but me thinks they ain’t changing their ‘clothes hanger’ standards any time soon. I prefer shoots because they are infinitely more interesting for me anyway; I get to form relationships with people, as opposed to just being a show pony (I’m not bitter or angry, seriously, I’m not).

Who’s your favourite female model and who is your favourite male model?

I don’t have a favourite female or male model. I recently discovered my favourite model/muse/beautiful person who happens to be transgender – she’s called Tschan Andrews and everyone should know about her story.

Vintage coat, top, bottoms and bag by TOPSHOP and shoes by CHEAP MONDAY

Vintage coat, top, bottoms and bag by TOPSHOP and shoes by CHEAP MONDAY
Amber Mahoney (@amberbmahoney)
Lily Inge Newmark (@lilynewmark)
Model Behaviour: Lily Newmark

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