International Women's Day: GRL PWR

Turn on “Independent Women Pt. 1” and get to know the ladies behind GRL PWR. It’s International Women’s Day!

In case you hadn’t noticed via all the Spice Girls posts circulating Instagram today, it’s International Women’s Day! The day of the year we all celebrate all the inspirational, bad-ass gals in the world and try to close that gender-pay/respect/everything gap a little bit more.

Launching today is GRL PWR, a collective and initiative started by Kylie Griffiths (mega-celeb stylist and VICE fashion editor) and Kirsti Hadley (founder of her own frickin’ company, Kirsti International, and columnist). It’s like the world’s best girl gang and they’re hoping one day it could even be the world’s biggest. With all your favourite babes and brains from the creative industries, GRL PWR brings together stylists, musicians, photographers and anyone with flair for the fabulous, to network.

The existing members (think Girli, Soki Mak and Gemma Styles) are already set for global domination online, with a social reach of 6 million between them. We don’t think it’ll be long before the world starts to take notice of every move GRL PWR makes. Plus, they’re gonna be taking their influence into real life, mentoring girls at events on how to break into the notoriously tricky creative industries. Sounds like the fairy-godmother you’d always dreamed of, right?

We got the low-down from Kirsti and Kylie ahead of tonight’s launch.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Kirsti – It’s amazing because it’s a day for all of us to come together and make changes for the better – I just hope it doesn’t alienate men as that would be totally counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve

Kylie – It’s a great day to celebrate what women have achieved and are still achieving day to day. However in future I wonder if we will need it, as in some ways it is a double edged sword as there is no International Men’s Day..

How will you be celebrating the day?

Kylie – We are having our official launch today, so we’ll be celebrating by having a dinner and a girly catch up with the whole gang! We’ve partnered up with the loveliest ladies at Baby G and SMASHBOX who have made it all possible.

Kirsti – Smashbox Cosmetics and BABY-G have been amazing and sponsored our dream GRL PWR GANG launch party so we’ll be (we are currently!) running around town like a couple of headless chickens putting the finishing touches to our very own IWD event most of our girls will be there so we’re really looking forward to a night of girl talk and lols.

What made you want to start your GRL PWR project?

Kylie – We felt that there was a space missing for creative women in the industry to go and network and support each other. We wanted to create a space where women could empower other women, and a create a network of niceness. The ultimate goal for us was to inspire women of all ages to follow their goals and motivate them to work in the creative industries by having direct access to their predecessors.

Kirsti – There were 3 main reasons. We wanted to create a support network for freelance women making waves in the creative industries, then we wanted to pass on our collective knowledge and experience to the next generation of creatives and finally we wanted to inspire girls to be feminists and girl power just sounds a lot more man friendly and fun but essentially means exactly the same thing.

You’ve said you want to empower girls and women, what empowers you?

Kylie – My mum and other girl bosses! Other women achieving greatness and doing their own thing.

Kirsti– Girls creating opportunities for other girls, getting my nails and hair done, being a mum. Raising another human is probably the most empowering experience of my life so far and in definitely bringing my son up to able a feminist.

How did you select all the lovely ladies involved?

Kylie – The lovely ladies are friends or creatives we have had the pleasure of working with or been introduced too. We are constantly expanding and growing and looking for more creative women to join our gang.

Kirsti – It’s all happened very organically, we started asking just friends to get involved and then friends of friends started asking to be included so it’s all been word of mouth, which I think all the best things are.

What’s next for GRL PWR?

Kylie – World domination. We want to create a network of creative and inspiring women across the globe.

Kirsti – We’re hosting a series of talks with Smashbox Cosmetics and BABY-G in central london aimed at girls wanting to break into the creative industries so we’re super excited about those and ultimately we would love for GRL PWR GANG to be a global network for women in the creative industries and girls wanting to break into the business.

What’s the best thing about being a woman in 2016?

Kirsti – The fact that we have the freedom to do anything and everything we want to – being a mum and having a career is just the best feeling

Kylie – The opportunities we have now are huge, which can be only a good thing. There are some many means of expressing yourself. and so many forms of media to get yourself out there.

What’s the worst thing about being a woman in 2016?

Kylie – I think social media and the culture of celebrity has created a huge amount of pressure on younger girls. Which is another reason we wanted to create GRL PWR so that we could create a space where girls could be whoever they want and support each other in that. The culture of today is so different to when I was younger that I think young girls have so many platforms to get influenced by, which creates much more pressure that there used to be.

Kirsti – The fact that we have the freedom to do anything and everything we want to – being a mum and having a career is the best as I said above but it is also one of the worst as it piles a hell of a lot of pressure on us at the same time to be good at everything and have it all.

If you could change one thing about the world for women, what would it be?

Total equality in the workplace between the sexes.

International Women's Day: GRL PWR

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