We count down the best bits from last night’s Oscars madness.

As you probably noticed, the biggest event in the Hollywood calendar went down last night and, as always, it brought its fair share of laughs, surprises, red carpet fails and beautiful people. To celebrate all the action, we’ve gone and made a list because, y’know, the internet.

Chris Rock 


It would have been a crying shame if the whole race furor surrounding the Academy Awards this year had been left unmentioned and, well, whitewashed when it came to the actual event. Fortunately Chris Rock was on hand to ensure that didn’t happen. Cue a host of variously outrageous and completely justifiable statements ranging from throwing shade at Jada Pinkett Smith to stating plain and simply, “Damm right, Hollywood is racist.” Neil Patrick Harris, eat your heart out.

Leo Getting That Win


Need we say more?

Morgan Freeman Eating Cookies

Screenshot (732)

After presenting the award for best picture to Spotlight, Morgan Freeman grabbed a Girl Scout cookie out of Chris Rock’s packet (don’t ask), and left the stage. That’s the kind of thing you can do when you’ve got the voice of all voices.

Sam Smith


Poor Sam Smith: after winning the award for best original song he not only misquoted Ian McKellen but also managed to he was the first openly gay man to win an Oscar. Well intentioned we’re sure, but enough of a faux pas to warrant an angry tweet from Oscar winning Milk director (and Tom Daley’s boyfriend) Dustin Lance Black…

Sly Stallone in Saint Laurent 

Screenshot (735)

Screenshot (734)

Screenshot (733)

Who would’ve thunk it? Heavy set action hero Sylvester Stallone in rockstar-skinny tailoring from Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent Couture – stranger things have happened. And hey, he’s working it. The two Lilys (Donaldson and Collins) and Juno Tempo didn’t look half bad in their glittering YSLC creations either. Work it gurl!

Ali G Returns

Screenshot (736)

Whilst Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie Grimsby is unlikely to live up to the high (or low) standard set by Borat, at least we got the chance to see an all time classic Cohen character in the form of Ali G. He managed to secretly sneak the costume in and although Ali wasn’t quite as funny as he used to be, it was a good nostalgia shot nonetheless.

Jacob Tremblay 


The super-cute child star of Room stole the show on many occasions with his love for Star Wars (he was wearing Darth Vader socks), his mini tuxedo and the fact that he high-fived Brie Larson when she won best actress.