The Fame Issue

Welcome to the Fame Issue.

Fame, what you get is no tomorrow, as the cultural chameleon David Bowie sang in the 70s but what did tomorrow bring and what does “Fame” mean in 2016? For our Fame Issue, we bring together four cover stars who are dominating pop culture, inspiring new ideas and even revolutionising the way in which we think.

Last month, as Men’s Fashion Week got underway in Milan, fashion was tossed aside to make way for an altogether bigger story in the six-packed form of Vine-star Cameron Dallas. As a fan riot unfolded on the streets of Milan, fashion’s elite were forced to acknowledge a new kind of star. A complete unknown previous to his social media success story, his online popularity wooed the attention of big-league fashion sponsors and put him at the front row of Calvin Klein’s AW16 show to the shock of many fashion critics. We interviewed him as he skipped across the country meeting fans and making appearances. A man in high demand if we ever did see one.

Then there’s Rowan Blanchard, another touchscreen sensation who recently moved from Disney kid to gender equality spokesperson. In 2016, you no longer need a PHD, a newspaper column or a book deal to speak out and be taken seriously — the power is in the palm of your hand. Like Rowan, Hari Nef — arguably the world’s first trans supermodel — uses digital platforms to be more than “just” an actress and model. As Terry Richardson, who shot her for this issue, will tell you, she’s succeeded.

And who better to front the Fame issue than insta-Queen “King Kylie” Jenner? Social media didn’t even exist 15 years ago, instead, the popular fascination was Reality TV. Back in the dawn of the century, a string of shows appeared on our screens that offered a more candid insight into the world of celebrity. Simon Fuller’s Pop Idol was born, offering small-town singers their 15 minutes of fame. Then there was Keeping up With The Kardashians, which introduced us to the world of Kim, Kendall, Caitlyn and the gang. The youngest of the celeb sisterhood is the now-18-year-old Kylie, whose carefully curated digi presence seems to have eclipsed the fame of her siblings. We met Kylie in her hometown of LA to find the girl behind the fantasy, with a little help from feted photographer Richard Kern.

Inside, we uncover the many faces of Rejjie Snow, get to know Milly Toomey, the teenager behind Girli and reveal the endearing side to the successful offspring of icons. Fall for fast-rising R&B star Kehlani as hard as we have and pin up of pics of The 1975’s Matty Healy on your wall. We learn some of Luisa Via Roma’s secrets to success and look back at the infamous Sleaze Nation with the whole gang.

This issue is packed with innovators, dream boats and icons, delve into our 400 pages of features and profiles and realise that no-one is famous for no reason. Whether it’s 15 fleeting minutes or a lifetime.

The Fame Issue