7 Wonders: Thoughts We Had During The BRITs

The infamous awards ceremony had us screaming at the telly once more this year. Here’s every thought that ran through our minds whilst watching the BRITs.

Who asked out who?

Justin Bieber called upon our cover star James Bay for a stripped back performance of “Love Yourself”. They’ve both had an incredible year with Biebs becoming a #legit pop star away from his tween hits and Bay receiving the Critics Choice Award at the BRITs last year. It’s nice to see some love between two stars instead of petty celeb rivalry but we were surprised to see their setting: a romantic campfire. Who instigated this bromance? We’re loving it.

What d’you mean, what d’you mean?

Where’s Skepta at? Where’s Stormzy? Why weren’t Krept and Konan nominated for British Breakthrough Act? The questions on everyone’s mind have plagued the awards ceremony this year, why hasn’t Grime been appropriately represented at the biggest celebration of British music? Especially after the genre’s greatest year commercially and artistically, arguably since its inception. You had everyone from the Grime scene on your stage last year with Kanye, BRITs, why can’t you let them have their own moment in the spotlight? Even Jack Garratt, this year’s Critics Choice Award recipient had something to say about it, calling the lack of diversity “embarrassing”.

Can Adele be Prime Minister?

Being the oh so human babe that she is, Adele spoke out in support of Kesha at the awards, heightening our not so secret love for the singer. She also whipped up some controversy of her own swearing on national television to the great distress of ITV who didn’t quite manage to get the bleep in the right place. Still, she was one of the main winners taking home four awards. Go Adele. We need more feminism and more swearing in this country.

Who’s that girl?

Everyone loves a bit of TV controversy and this year at the BRITs Sadie Pinn provided us with a serious slice of sass placing herself between Ant and Dec during a link on ITV decked out in a sheer bodysuit with tactfully placed stars and stripes. Oh la la! After all, what is an award ceremony worth if it doesn’t conjure up a Twitter uproar? Unfortunately the only hitch at the BRITs this year, we’ve come to look forward to the unscripted mistakes. Maybe we should have tried to gatecrash and get on telly and helped ourselves to some Cîroc Blue Steel cocktails in the process.

Are Drianna back together?

We hope so. Really, really, really. Drake and Rihanna could be a power couple to rival them all but who knows, all we saw was their uh-mazing live performance of “Work”. The lights, those trousers, the grinding. Spectacular. We must get a pair of those.

Why doesn’t anyone know who Tame Impala are?

Look, guys, Rihanna even covered one of their songs for her album, seriously, no clue at all? It’s just rude.

Is everyone crying as much as we are?

Annie Lennox delivered one of the most eloquent speeches we’ve ever heard on the awards show remembering David Bowie who passed away last month. A tribute was a must, but who could do one of Britain’s finest musicians in history justice? Lorde, of course Lorde. The singer expressed her sadness after Bowie’s death and took Facebook to public pen a statement explaining her gratitude to him, for helping her accept herself. Tears, endless tears. Words simply cannot describe.

7 Wonders: Thoughts We Had During The BRITs

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