LFW: AF Vandevorst AW16

In their crimson bursts and outerwear over evening wear, it’s no wonder AF Vandevorst’s AW16 girls were hounded by the paparazzi.

Big Brother

The set at VF Vandevorst was dominated by cameramen running around the models. 1984 references? An obsession with reality TV? Who knows. It was confusing and distracting but perhaps that was the point. As the fashion media buzz grows and reports from revered critics often unfortunately have more influence than the clothes, brands have to latch on to gimmicks to stay in people’s minds longer than the length of a show. Regardless of the reason, it worked.

Art Attack

Beauty looks to try this winter: AF Vandevorst’s hands down. If anyone can tell us how to do painted spatters so perfectly please send in answers on a postcard to Wonderland HQ. The crimson red sang out against the palette of indigo, khaki and black. Red’s no longer just for lips and we might just well try and full look, complete with red fishnets.

Outerwear x Formal Wear

The duo behind AF Vandevorst made parkas over slip gowns look like a timeless pairing. Coated hoodies over maxi length skirts are acceptable now too, it seems. It was all very Rih meets Yeezy, dark earthy colours and unexpected lengths, a whole new meaning to faded glamour and one that we’re welcoming.

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