With the release of their upcoming EP ‘She Goes Deep’ on the horizon, newcomer producer duo Opal Blue create an exclusive mix for Wonderland.

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You might have seen the name Opal Blue floating around over the past few weeks; they’ve just released their single ‘Time Travel’, a beautifully sparse slice of stripped back, moody yet romantic electronica. They’ve received comparisons with the likes of early The xx and Majid Jordan, yet they’re somehow even more elusive; the duo are faceless, nameless and mysteriously intangible.

With their EP ‘She Goes Deep’ released this week, Opal Blue have put together a masterfully ethereal mix full of minimalist productions and beautiful chill vibes for Wonderland. This one’s for those serene reflective moments. Sit back, breathe, and sink into their exclusive mix below.

  1. Tell us a bit about the mysterious ‘Opal Blue’. You guys are very secretive but your music is picking up a lot of attention.

Thanks Wonderland Mag! Blue has always been associated with a melancholy emotion in music; blue notes etc. We are from London, and very influenced by the weather here. Sometimes the rain and grey skies are so bad it feels like you’re living at the bottom of the ocean. We are a band with a crystal fetish and very overactive emotions.

2. Your new single ‘Time Travel’ is more stripped down and minimalist than previous releases. What was behind this progression in sound?

We are trying to push the boundaries of minimalism with our production. Our tracks are meant to help you exhale, and feel space in a culture that consistently overcrowds our senses. Generally we will start an idea, and at the end we will strip away as many elements as possible; leaving the essentials bare.

3. The track also features some interesting samples – including the sounds of the London underground. Are you regularly inspired by every day sounds, and what led to that particular sample?

We’re always recording voice notes on our phones and playing them back on samplers. The more obtuse the better – in a world of perfect pitch tracks and presets, our ears crave the imperfect. We always like to have elements of cultured sound, or field recordings, that add in a sublime undertone of imperfection.

4. ‘Time Travel’ is taken from your forthcoming EP ‘She Goes Deep’. How did the project come together and what does it mean to you?

We have been writing and working together for about a year now. The tracks from the EP naturally came together from the body of work we built up in that time. It’s hard exactly to say what it means. It will mean different things to different people; but to us it’s a diary of the woes of relationships. The way the people you love the most can cause you the most harm; the way they can go the “deepest” into your mind and spirit, changing and effecting you.

5. You’ve put together an exclusive mix for us – tell us a bit about it and the tracks you selected.

These tracks are some of the tracks we have found more recently – with a few classics thrown in. We actually started the mix with over 100 tracks but whittled it down to around 20. Also the mix doesn’t dwell too long on any one track, and keeps moving. Wise.

6. What are your goals for the rest of the year and beyond? Anything in particular fans can look forward to or expect?

We have 2 more singles planned for this year. They are both more upbeat but they have moody b-sides. Also we have some gig offers we are considering at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have played a gig before the year is over.

She Goes Deep’ EP is released on February 12th.


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