Your favourite childhood toy is getting a makeover and she’s never looked better.

4. Barbie x Sadie Williams 2014

Barbie was our only childhood companion. Cindy and Bratz dolls could never quite match up to our best pal and we always loved her, promise, even that time we were curious what she’d look like with a shaved head. She worked it, needless to say. For 2016, the once universal doll is taking on three new styles. In March, Barbie will be available in petite, tall and curvy models setting a body positive example for girls (and boys!) everywhere.

March will see the introduction of – brace yourself – 33 new dolls, 30 new hair colours, 24 hair styles, 22 eye colours, 14 face sculpts, 7 skin tones AND 4 body types. To celebrate the news, we recount some of Barbie’s best collaborations in fashion since her launch in 1959.

Barbie x Stephen Jones


Our best girl got the angel treatment by Stephen Jones for Christmas 2011. The milliner reworked Barbz into a festive wonder for Selfridges in crimson and green and obviously with the most divine headgear. Glitzy miniature trees complete with baubles, twirling body-encasing Santa hats and even a microscopic robin all upped Barbie’s hat game for the 2011 holidays.

Barbie x Nasir Mazhar


Never one to miss out on trends, Barbie teamed up with London streetwear darling Nasir Mazhar in 2013. Sporting his signature caps and instantly recognisable namesake logo, we could have replicated any of Barbie’s looks from the mini-collection and been the best-dressed at fashion week.

Barbie x Comme Des Garçons


Way back when in 2009 CDG launched their uber-ladylike Ms Roberts (Barbie’s full anme is Barbara Millicent Roberts, in case you didn’t already know). Wearing the brand’s jingle flower print, the doll was super exclusive, as we’d expect, sold only in Comme stores, Dover Street Market and Colette.

Barbie x Moschino

Warning: the jingle to this clip will stick in your head for days. 2015’s Moschino Barbie had every unabashedly bling accessory we’d ever dreamed of owning. “She’s the girl who has it all, nothing can stop her”, we like to think we’d be feeling unstoppable too if we had a custom 8-piece Moschino capsule collection. Also, how adorable is the little guy? Gender roles? What gender roles?

Barbie x Karl Lagerfeld


When Karl took on Barbie he basically dressed her up as himself, but we’ll forgive him, he is Karl Lagerfeld after all. All in black and white complete with sunnies and patent handbag, all Karl’s Barbie is missing is a tiny Choupette.

Barbie x Sophia Webster


Barbie and Sophia Webster collaborated last year to mark her new articulated ankles which allowed to wear flats – a good enough reason to celebrate if we ever heard one. Even better was the fact that you could buy your own Sophia Webster shoes in six adult styles and three children’s. Blonde bombshell soul-pop singer Kali Uchis was the face of the IRL collection, an all round dream.

Barbie x BLEACH London


Four years ago Barbie got all technical on us with an innovative makeover system from BLEACH London. Using an inkjet printer and extensions, you could create your own coloured locks for Barbie at home. You could design absolutely anything online then print onto Barbie’s blonde base. We went through quite a few trying to work out what we wanted to do on ourselves…