We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the week’s best tracks.

Honor – Never Off (Florian Picasso Remix)

A Wonderlist exclusive, feast your ears on Florian Picasso’s euphoric remix of Honor’s “Never Off”. Florian, great grandson of Pablo Picasso, has transformed the track into an EDM anthem. Honor’s talent was discovered after a USB containing her recordings was found on a train.

Pet Shop Boys – Inner Sanctum 

Pet Shop Boys, aka Britain’s greatest band, just dropped “Inner Sanctum” and announced details of their new Stuart Price-produced album Super. “Inner Sanctum” is a heady dance track, a contemporary tribute to 90s clubland. Super will be released on 1 April and then the band will perform four concerts at the iconic Royal Albert Hall. The brand new show is being staged by Olivier Award-winning designer Es Devlin and choreographer Lynne Page.

Karen Harding – Open My Eyes – MJ Cole Dubb Remix

Garage legend MJ Cole has been called in for the latest reworking of Karen Harding’s track “Open My Eyes”. Harding possesses one of pop’s finest voices – soulful and strong. “Open My Eyes” is out on 29th January via Capitol Records.

Netsky – Work It Out Feat. Digital Farm Animals

 Netsky’s rise to the top of dance music has been meteoric and this year he will release his third studio album 3. For new track “Work It Out”, Netsky has once again teamed up with Digital Farm Animals. Describing the track, Netsky said “This track is about positivity in times of need. I hope people can relate to it.”

 Saturday, Monday – Pilgrim (feat. Brolin)

Swedish producer Saturday, Monday (the best and worst days of the week), has teamed up with Brolin for new track “Pilgrim”. Saturday, Monday weaves jagged beats with piano keys and vocals to create soulful electronica. The single was released via Scandinavian imprint Playground Music.

PJ Harvey – The Wheel

“The Wheel” is the first single from PJ Harvey’s forthcoming studio album The Hope Six Demolition Project. The track was recorded during Harvey’s Recording in Process project at Somerset House. Normally it’s rude to stare but on this occasion members of the public bought tickets which allowed them to gawp at Harvey while she recorded the album.

Kwamie Liv– Perfect Grace

Kwamie Liv has unveiled the stunning visuals for tracks “Lost In the Girl” and “Perfect Grace”. The videos, which mark the end of her debut EP and beginning of her forthcoming EP, were directed by Liv. The video for “Perfect Grace” offers an intimate and fleeting glimpse into the world of a young woman – beautifully contained and restrained. Liv’s as yet untitled EP will be released in March, while the spellbinding single ‘Perfect Grace’ is out now.

The Range – Florida

“Florida” is the lead single from The Range’s (James Hinton) upcoming album Potential. Vocals on the album were sourced from the deepest corners of YouTube. Hinton said: “Every song tries to acknowledge a sense of vulnerability or difficulty in life, as well as an intense drive to cope with problems in ways that don’t drag you into the abyss.” Potential is released on 25th March via Domino.

Iggy Pop – Gardenia

The insurance salesman and “Godfather of Punk” has been busy in the studio with Josh Homme and produced a new album titled Post Pop Depression –presumably a reference to the day after Girls Aloud broke up. The first track from the album is the surprisingly beautiful “Gardenia” with Pop in fine grizzled form. Speaking to The New York Times, Homme described the album as: “a much deserved victory lap for a man who’s not sure if he won.”

William Arcane – Body on Call

William Arcane is a Norfolk born, London based producer and singer. “Body on Call” is a whirring tapestry of artificial sounds but deep at its core lurks a soulful pop melody. The track appears on Nightingale Floor, a compilation from record label BLDG5 which will be released on 5th February.

Alex Newell – This Ain’t Over

“This Ain’t Over” is the new single from Alex Newell. Newell will be familiar to fans of Glee and has previously provided vocals for Clean Bandit, Blonde and The Knocks. “This Ain’t Over” is a banger of epic proportions and is almost overwhelmingly empowering. We’re beyond excited thinking about what Newell will release next.

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