Louby McLoughlin and DVTK have united to create the digital platform of your teenage dreams.

Queen of cute and all thing girlish, stylist Louby McLoughlin has teamed up with the ex digital directors of Kenzo, DVTK to bring you a new hyper feminine, cyber stylised digital platform – OKgrl. Technophobes, don’t turn off, although this is about the most 2016 version of a magazine you could get, this is still primarily about fashion, fun and our favourite thing, pop culture.

The word on the brain for the team was interaction, explains Louby, “We wanted to create a fashion platform which breaks the conventional publication rules by using interactivity, music and gamification, to match the entertainment levels the young generation already get from apps like Insta, Snapchat or Tumblr. We believed there was room for a higher end version of what the kids do at home in their bedrooms using the screen, something like a Tumblr Couture. For the launch we teamed up with some of the faces of the new pop era to realise this vision.”

Tumblr Couture? We’re hooked already. The site launches today with cover girls Hannah Diamond and Liz y2k and features include a whole host of new faces in pop QT, Kero Kero Bonito, Bip Ling and Girli.

Inspired by all your favourite teen girl mags (the kind that used to come with free glitter strawberry lipgloss, floppy haired boys as centrefolds and had song lyrics printed in the back pages) you can head over to the site now for the ultimate nostalgia trip.

We spoke to Louby herself about her cyber-venture…

How long has OKgrl been in the making? From the first idea to the launch, how long has it taken you?

I’ve actually been working on this for around 2 years, it took a while to get the right timing and for me to find the right people who also believed in the project.

Tell us about your cover girls! Why did you decide on Hannah and Liz?

Liz and Hannah are both stars of the internet, they are digital popstars in a new era of music with their own followings so it made it an easy choice for us to have them as the cover girls.

What’s in it for the boys?

Their favourite artists, games and music they like.

What do you think makes OKgrl different to what’s already out there?

The design is really the main point of difference, it’s interactive, it’s funny, hopefully it’s entertaining. You can listen to the cover girls’ tracks as you view their cover which is a fun twist on digital vs. print, you can play and be involved in more projects than other online sites. I guess it’s us having a laugh because we aren’t afraid to scare publishers or advertisers because we launched completely independent so we are making something for the reader to enjoy and that’s it.

What’s the obsession with teen girl mag covers (we’re in love, ultimate throwback)? Why did you want to revive that style?

Ha, I don’t know actually. Maybe it’s me wanting to be young forever. The teen magazine layout isn’t going to stay it was just for the launch.

How are we going to be able to interact with the QT editorial?

Come to the site and see!

How did you come to work with DVTK?

We met through a different project and we began talking about OKgrl, a project I had already realised the concept for and with collaborators we had produced a lot of the content but I decided I wanted to work with them on the execution because their ideas were next level and they were working with Kenzo before, a brand which continuously pushes things forward with tech and fashion, so nobody else could have done the job.

What are you most excited to reveal to everyone with the launch?

Probably the design, and the fact it looks expensive and we made it without investment and advert free. There is also a big difference in the layout of the mobile site and the desktop site.

How does OKgrl work, is it on an issue basis, when can we expect the next?

This was an ‘issue launch’ as a concept but from here on we will have project by project take over the site.

Who is OKgrl for?

Probably the younger audience who spend a lot of their time online and don’t buy print from newsstands.

OKgrl launches online today. Visit the site here.