We took a detox-trip to a pretty special (pretty health conscious) central London hotel.

Has your Xmas/Hanukkah/non-denominational gift-giving season left you feeling bloated and in desperate need of cleansing/detox/diet? I know mine has – a slug of Baileys in your morning coffee and Port-‘n’-cheese every day will do that to you. Well, a stay at The Arch Hotel in London could be just the remedy you’re after. You see, to celebrate National Breakfast Week (24th-30th January), The Arch’s in-house restaurant, Hunter 486, is offering a complimentary vegetable or fruit smoothie with its special Healthy Breakfast – which includes such virtuous-yet-tasty dishes as egg white omelette with feta and spinach or oh-so-wholesome Bircher muesli with blueberries and flax seeds. Now, I know you can probably whip up a perfectly reasonable smoothie in your Nutribullet but save it sister, because Gary Durant (head chef at Hunter 486) really knows what he’s doing behind the blender. Trust me.

If this all too sounds a little too angelic, fear not, because Hunter 486 is still serving it’s usual range of beautifully made (and rather more indulgent) fare: highlights are potted duck with fruit chutney or peppered loin of venison. Then there’s the hotel itself, which is in a prime location – the heart of Marylebone just a short walk to Marble Arch and Hyde Park – with rooms that are carefully-appointed with the highest quality furnishings and some of the softest sheets I’ve encountered in a while. If you feel like a New Year treat, then go for one of The Arch’s super-luxurious suites, some of which come with a personal courtyard: now that’s something you don’t see at every hotel.