Tel Aviv’s Tesha premieres the psychedelic, “So Alive” with us.

“This is my weird utopian and psychedelic dreamt up love story,” says Neta Tia Elias, “a formless, endless and unconditional love story. My new album is composed of eight theatrical acts, in which the listener experiences a movement from dark to light within a dream-like reverie. I like to call it dream vomit, regurgitations of my vivid dreams and lucid nightly visions.”

Blissfully trippy, Tesha’s swelling track “So Alive” burns with restrain. Her voice is a controlled whisper, husky and soft against the lapping beats and bubble-popping background sounds. With suitably poetic inspirations, from the American Beat Movement, Japanese classical music and her own dreams, “So Alive” will most likely be soundtracking your own. Sharing her time between NYC and Tel Aviv, Tesha announced her debut album at Art Basel this year and we can’t wait.