You’ve seen that video. Now take a walk down memory lane with everyone’s favourite wannabe bad girl.

Miley Cyrus’ latest video is pretty weird. If you haven’t seen “BB Talk” yet (where have you been hiding, under a tasteful music rock?), it basically involves Miley dressing up as a semi-sexualised – and maybe-problematic-maybe-not – baby as she does her off-the-rails pop star thing. In other words, it’s fairly wild and fairly strange. But as weird as it might be, it’s not the freakiest thing Miley has ever done. Because, as well all know, Miley’s done a lot of crazy shit since her post-Disney makeover. So, to celebrate what will surely be another YouTube-breaking anthem, we’re getting all retrospective and recapping the NSFW- goddess’ wildest times in our favourite way: a list.

Blazing a joint at the 2013 MTV European Music Awards

A classic slice of early bad-girl-era Miley, this was the moment she lit a homemade “cigarette” up in Amsterdam: we’ve all been there, but where we might have been in a dingy youth hostel, she was on stage at the MTV Awards – that’s just how Miley rolls.

2013 VMA performance with Robin Thicke 

Robin Thicke had a great year in 2013: he single-handedly gave think-piece writers everywhere all the material they would ever need with his super-offensive “Blurred Lines”. It’s only Dapper Laughs who has since managed to attract more, immensely-justifiable, feminist scorn. Either way, the storm of rape-culture controversy certainly wasn’t enough to stop Miley getting down and dirty on stage with Thicke – she even grabbed his crotch for good measure.

“Wrecking Ball”

Although it seems tame in comparison to the disturbing “BB Talk” visuals, this was one of Miley’s nude breakthrough (no pun intended) moments and so is more than deserving of a space on our list: hammer-licking and all.

The Katy Perry Kiss

This is an iconic frienemies from Miley; Katy went in for a quick friendly kiss, Miley tired to get saucy. The result? Perry pulled away and delivered this classic put-down: “God knows where that tongue has been!” Enough said, really.


Not so much a moment, more of a lifestyle choice. With cries of “cultural appropriation!” from some corners of the web, Miley decided to make this Dancehall staple part of her permanent dance repertoire – and, in the process, encouraged legions of YouTubers to do the same. Thanks, Miley.

2015 Terry Richardson Shoot 

Now, Wonderland might not be a family magazine, but even we would think twice about posting some of these. Bringing new meaning to NSFW, this shoot is trademark Richardson (pretty creepy) and trademark Miley (pretty naked). The real question is, where could she go from here?

“BB Talk”

Oh. That answers our question. Yep, I know we said at the beginning that this video isn’t the weirdest thing Miley has ever done but, on reflection, it probably is. She’s the overgrown baby with a bad attitude that you’ll just love to hate! Freaky, then funny, before being just plain bizarre, this is Miley’s latest effort and the video hoping to finally distract us from watching Hotline Bling”. Here’s to many more Miley!