Amber Mahoney and Ali Breslin introduce us to Laura Hanson Sims, the only model to have ever asked us to gag her with a spoon…


Can you tell us about how you got scouted?

When I was 12 I was tall, lanky, and looked like a cross between a tree frog and a baby deer, and I that’s when I signed with my mother agency in Nashville. I wasn’t really old enough to model yet so they had me doing weird stuff like a Josh Groban music video (AKA my big break) and auditioning for kid shows like veggie tales. I met Kwok from The Society when I was 15 and he was at Marilyn. Upon meeting him, I knew I had to be wherever he was, so when he started the society, they brought me on. I distinctly remember being in my sophomore English class and getting a text under my desk from my mother agent saying, “Kwok wants you!” That was definitely one of the happiest days of my life. started from the bottom now we here.

What have you been up to since you got scouted?

High school. Gag me with a spoon.

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve worn on a shoot or in a show that you wish was yours?

I got to wear this red lace Valentino couture gown once in an editorial and it was a moment where I genuinely considered trying to take it home without anybody noticing.

Who would be your dream photographer to work with? Or your dream designer to work for?

Tim Walker and Alexander McQueen. I live for the moments in my job when I get to be someone other than myself.

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

I watch a lot of fail compilations on YouTube, make food with my beloved crockpot, and listen to Joanna Newsom 97% of the time. Mostly I think about how much I love Bill Murray.

What’s been your favourite moment as a model so far?

Errrrrrh thats a toughie. I’d have to say I more so value the moments outside of work that have been brought to me by my job. I’ve made so many lifelong friends through this job and get to do a lot of things most people don’t get to do, and I’m so grateful for everything that’s come my way.

Which city would you love to live in?

Tokyo hands down. I lived there for a bit when I was 17 and there’s no other place like it. I get homesick for it a lot. A lot of my best memories happened in Tokyo. I loved feeling like a fish out of water.

Do you prefer shoots or shows?

Depends on the day. They’re such different categories.

Who’s your favourite female model and who is your favourite male model?

Karen Elson is my inspo for life. Her whole career is what I aspire to. She lives in Nashville (my hometown) and she put her number in my phone at a party one night. It’s a little scary having your idol’s number in your phone because I have the urge to text her like a stalker ALL the time. Fave male model… Liam Little… he’s sitting next to me as I answer these questions so I’m obligated to give him a shoutout. He’s playing some bluesy tune on the guitar for me right now. He’s really good at painting and even better at making dad jokes. His eyebrows and self-given tattoos give me life. We have good times.



Top by AMERICAN APPAREL and jeans by LEVI’S


Top by TOPSHOP and jeans by LEVI’s








Jumper by AMERICAN APPAREL, shirt by CALVIN KLEIN and jeans by LEVI’S

Model: Laura Hanson Sims of The Society Management (@laurahansonsims)

Photography: Amber Mahoney (@amberbmahoney)

Fashion: Ali Breslin (@alieatoric)

Makeup: Katie Mellinger (@ktmell)

Hair: Clay Nielsen (@thisisclay)


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