Step inside Perfume River’s decadent and repugnant world this Sunday.

We can’t remember the last time we made plans on a Sunday past a hungover stumble to the nearest cafe for eggs. Thankfully, this Sunday Pleasure Palace awaits, the brainchild of New Zealand bred Lola Rose who is curating a space of sensory stimulation, live performances, beauty therapy and a world of colourful clothes from her brand, Perfume River. Lola will be selling one off pieces that have been hand painted and embroidered – think jackets, dresses and T-shirts and what’s more, the garments will all be priced by you according to what you think the work is worth (we’re going to hazard a guess it’s a lot, but hey, you name your price!). Lola is a devoted feminist, and all round Wonderland fave with her passion for promoting beauty diversity in the fashion industry and her celebration of creative freaks all over the world. So head over to Husk Creative Space at 6pm this Sunday, dress up, be entertained, and you’ll 100% see what our fuss is all about. We sat down with Lola to find out a bit more about what we could expect from the event…

Tell us a bit about your move to London? What drew you to the city?

I had been travelling around Asia for about four months, I loved it there, it was like paradise for me everything is cheap you can eat huge, delicious meals for almost nothing, all the women wear amazing vibrant clothes and the people are friendly and inquisitive towards you. When I got to London it was freezing cold, people were busy with their own lives and everything was way too expensive. My sister, Rebecca Zephyr lives here who I hadn’t lived with since I was ten years old so I wanted to get to know her. She offered me a comfortable sofa to sleep on, made me breakfast in the morning, and took me out to parties at night so I decided to stay. Our aesthetic is very similar so it’s been really exciting working together. She has been what drew me here and kept me here.

Why did you start up Perfume River, tell us a bit about the story behind the brand?

Perfume River is a polluted river in Vietnam that I visited and fell in love with. It was stinky and murky but the name was so beautiful to me. My work is about the struggle to be an artist in this capitalist society, how the desire to make something beautiful is shadowed by the need to make something profitable. Branding is everything.

What are some standout pieces we should look out for?

That’s a hard questions, there are some pieces with hand painted Batik fabric, some with hand beading, dresses with flowers and fluff sewn to them but I’m not sure it really depends what you’re into.

What’s the concept behind Pleasure Palace?

We want people to have a nice time doing some of our favourite things. Pleasure Palace will be a place for people to step inside our skin and see how they like the feeling. Wear our clothes and makeup, listen to our music and be surrounded by our work and our trash.

Why should we come by and what should we expect?

If you’re lonely maybe you’ll make new friends, if you’re bored we will entertain you, if you’re closet is dull and lifeless we can help. It’s christmas time maybe you’ll find a present for your grandmother. Treat it like a trip to the mall.

Pleasure Palace will take place at 6PM, Sunday 13th December at Husk Creative Space, 649 Commercial Road, London, E147LW.

PHOTGRAPHY: Rebecca Zephyr Thomas


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