We scoured the internet to bring you the ten finest new sounds.

Kill J – Barbie Girl (Aqua cover)

One of the more alarming and brilliant things you’ll hear this week is Kill J’s cover of Aqua’s 1997 magnum opus “Barbie Girl”. Kill J has transformed the track from sickly sweet to something far more sinister. Kill J described her version as a “dystopian take on a classic”. Quite.

Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

“Ocean Eyes” is the new track from 13 year old Billie Eilish and it’s a world away from the bubble-gum pop most of us were enjoying at her age. Co-written with her older brother Finneas O’Connell, “Ocean Eyes” is a wistful slice of dream pop. You should also treat yourself to the excellent edit from (the slighter older) Astronomyy.

Jelani Blackman – Repeater

London-based artist Jelani Blackman has dropped foreboding new track “Repeater”. Blackman artfully weaves multiple genres to create this uniquely gloomy and deeply intriguing sound. His EP will be released in early 2016.

Stay Bless – New Dream (Feat. Starchild)

George Cassavetes, aka Stay Bless, has shared another taste of forthcoming EP Be Good To Yourself. A more optimistic sound than lead track “No Love Lost” but no less captivating, “New Dream” is a warm 80s-esque ballad. Stay Bless has an enviable command of beats, perfectly at ease flitting between joy and melancholy. Be Good To Yourself will be released on 11 December via Neon Tetra Records.


MMOTHs, aka Dublin-based musician and producer Jack Colleran, has announced details of his debut album Luneworks and shared the video for lead single “Deu”. Colleran crafts minimal electronica which mutates from quiet and introspective to free-flowing sonic celebrations. Luneworks is set to be released on 11 March 2016 and will be available via his own label OYAE in conjunction with Because Music.

Hannah V – It Ain’t Right ft. Louise LaBelle

“It Ain’t Right” is the ferocious new single from up-and-coming producer Hannah V and features guest vocals from Louise LaBelle. Hannah V’s beat making prowess is in full force on the track which builds to a bass heavy breakdown. “It Ain’t Right” is released via DJ Target’s Sony imprint, Pitched Up.

DJ Fresh x High Contrast feat. Dizzee Rascal – How Love Begins

DJ Fresh has teamed up with production powerhouse High Contrast for new single “How Love Begins” which features guest verses from the always welcome Dizzee Rascal. The track is an explosion of old-school rave samples and drum & bass beats and is set to be huge in 2016. “How Love Begins” will be released on 5 February by Ministry of Sound.

Tsar B – Escalate

Tsar B made waves across the internet with the release of “Escalate”. Tsar B fuses Middle Eastern sounds with contemporary R&B to create a sound that is achingly beautiful and unquestionably her own. This is one of 2015’s most promising debuts and we should be expecting huge things.

Maria Hazell – Golden Boy

Sweden’s Maria Hazell continues her mightily impressive run of singles with “Golden Boy” – a pop song of such quality that it’s able to reference the Greek myth Icarus without making you feel like you’re back at your secondary school studying Classical Civilisations. Hazell has been performing music since she was 4 years old and clearly has spent that time honing her songwriting skills.

Kendrick Lamar – Black Friday

This year there was more to celebrate on Black Friday than just bargains and consumerism – Kendrick Lamar dropped a new track. “Black Friday” sees Lamar freestyling over J. Cole’s track “A Tale of 2 Citiez” from Cole’s album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. On the track Lamar covers topics including Kanye Wests 2020 presidential run and Adele. Exceedingly impressive stuff, as always, from Kendrick Lamar.

Dan Austin

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