Dance ’til your feet burn at Club Late Nights this Saturday at Powerlunches.


Sucuk And Bratwurst.

Club Late Nights is a super-hot new party from young music label-cum-art collective Club Late Music, aka CLM, that gathers DJ’s, producers and artists from around the world. Influenced by club, rave, dance and pop music, their inspirations reflect a contemporary, post-internet attitude and personify the instantaneous and global nature of today’s culture. Sounds a bit of a mouthful, but believe us: it’s a genius combination. Not only this, but the night (which promises to get you dancing ’til your feet burn) is hosted at our fave Dalston party spot, Powerlunches.  Not once have we been in that sweat dripping black box room and not had the time of our lives. See. You. There.


Sucuk And Bratwurst.

What inspired you to set up this night? What should we expect from it?

Club Late Nights is the brand new party from Club Late Music (CLM), a young music label/art collective that gathers DJ’s, producers and artists from around the world. Influenced by club, rave, dance and pop music, our inspirations reflect a contemporary, post-internet attitude and personifies the instantaneous and global nature of today’s culture.

After releasing our first compilation last Summer, we have decided to start Club Late Nights because what we love more than anything in music is to dance, laugh and enjoy.

It was really important to us to throw some events so to gather all our family and friends who we love partying with. This Club Late Night in London is the launch party of our night, but we are planning to host it on a regular basis with some real good guests and friends lined up. Also we are working on another one in Tokyo that will be setting up in January.

The main idea is to meet and bring together people who love dancing, love listening to club, rave and dance and enjoy parties like us. So yeah, for the night all we expect is to dance with people and see them enjoying the night.

Can you tell us a bit about the people playing?

For tonight, the line up is mainly comprised of Club Late Music artists, with more or less the half of the family making an appearance.

First of all, we’re really happy to have Dragon Uma who’s coming from Tokyo for the night. Dragon Uma is without doubt the most incredible DJ we’ve ever known. Before the night in London, he played in Belgium alongside Dave Lux and he played in Paris at Social Club last Thursday.
Then we have Bubbles, an Australian producer based in London, who will be playing. She is influenced by other underground Internet pop movements, « hyper-pop » dance tunes. She is very promising and we are looking forward to see her play. It’s gonna be pink, glittery, unashamedly pop and totally crazy.

We have AZN Girl from Brussels. He (yes, he) told me he’ll probably play some new tunes, so that is gonna be amazing. He always finds the perfect sounds for the perfect moment.
We also have the DJ collective 100% Halal from Berlin. These guys are incredible. They love playing the freshest club tunes that just dropped on Internet. You really need to have a listen on their Soundcloud or their Facebook page because it is visually and musically awesome.
Then there’s Prince Lucien. He is an amazing producer. He’ll mostly be playing live tonight so I think this is gonna be great as well.  We can’t wait to hear his new songs.
Oh and hold on,  we are also really thrilled to have our close friend Merish (from the Belgium based music collective Folie Douce) who will be our guest for tonight.

As you can see, the line up is pretty amazing !

What do you expect/want the crowd to be like?

We’re not really expecting anything in particular, maybe just that people will rave and dance until their feet burn… that’s our main goal here!

Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what you’re about?

To keep it short, there’s two of us behind Club Late Music and so obviously behind Club Late Night but we consider all the CLM guys family. Francois is working as a photographer and I personally have been working in the music business on various projects for years now. I manage some artists, and am co-founder of an artist management and booking agency and run some other music projects. We’ve been working together for a long time now the collaboration has been going pretty well.

Why Powerlunches for the night?

I really love Powerlunches. This venue has an intimate and inspiring atmosphere especially when it’s getting crowded. With a few people and a good vibe, you can turn it  into a real and genuine place for parties.

How should we get ready for the night?

Just come through and let music get into you and don’t forget that once you pop, fun doesn’t stop.