Wonderland premieres the video for Dahlia Sleeps’ new single Hessian.

Dahlia Sleeps are a South London duo consisting of Luke Hester and Lucy Hill. The dynamic between the two is infectious, and Lucy’s gorgeous vocals teamed with Luke’s production are a heady combo. Their latest single Hessian is a slow and steady track with a glorious beat, and the video made to accompany it is just the cherry on top.

Brilliantly, we’re told that the video was made by Chris Behnisch, who is normally based in Munich, and came to London for 4 nights to shoot the film with zero budget and slept on Lucy’s floor the whole time, which is total dedication if you ask us. Turns out the long hard slog was worth it as the end result is a totally beautiful and impactful video for the twosome’s new single, properly conveying the vibe of what Dahlia Sleeps are all about.


India Opie Meres