Wonderland talks to Scott Verrill about his musical project KYKO.

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There’s something that will never get old about boys with guitars singing love songs. It is an age old formula that should only be messed with by the highest authority, and most of us mere mortals will forever be held under the magical spell that is a clashing drum beat and melodic chords. Scott Verrill is the musical mastermind behind KYKO, the guitar-y and super emotive act that we promise will be everywhere in a couple of months time.

Wonderland sat down with Scott to talk all things music and inspiration, all so you guys can get a deeper insight into the brain of a mastermind.


What inspires you when you write?

I find I’m constantly getting inspired by new / different things each time I write. I consciously try to limit the amount of songs I write about relationships / love because as a listener I think that can get tiresome – and there’s loads of other places to look for inspiration that I want to explore. I love travel and photography – a lot of the time a photo can spark a song for me, trying to capture a feeling of that in a song.

Can you tell us about the inspiration specifically behind your new single “Pull Me Up”?

 ‘Pull me up’ was the first tune I started working on after my first EP, so I was super keen to try and push the sound in a slightly different direction. I wanted to write about finding something that makes you feel good and that idea of commitment. So it’s kind of keeping that uplifting feeling and trying to move the sound into a broader place.

You’re only 19, did you always know this is what you wanted to do?

Music has always been the direction I want to head in, mostly because it’s what I get the biggest kick out of. I’m still working my way into making it a longterm thing, so I’m super chuffed with how it’s gone so far and looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Why did you decide to go with the name KYKO, and not just your birth name Scott?

It’s a little bit boring… But really I just wanted to go under something that I felt went with the sound and vibe of the music. I like that people don’t know what to expect from seeing the name, where as people might just pass it off as a singer songwriter under my own name.

You were born in South London, how do you think being right in the center of all this musical excellence has helped you?

Music everywhere! Since I was like 14, theres been small gigs that me and my mates could play and jam at every week, so there was loads of opportunities to get into it. Now I think one of the best things about it is the variety of genres going around, particularly in South London, it’s big on Singer / songwriters as much as it is grime. I find that really influential on me and the music I make, the contrast of genres.

Do you have any other interesting creative outlets?

I spend a lot of time involved in something to do with music, so yeah I need other things to level out my brain! I’ve been into art/design for a while so I try and sketch or learn about design a couple of times a week. I love snapping away on my old film camera too, so it’s always cool to dabble there.

What’s the best thing about writing a song?

Probably the sense of accomplishment when it’s completely finished and out there. Some songs can take me a solid month to finish, so when they’re done it feels good to have gotten over a struggle. A lot of the time when I finish writing a song it feels like a weight off of my shoulders, in an exciting way… Theres few better feeling than seeing something you’ve written connecting with people across the world. The internet is wicked…

What’s the dream?

Making good music! I’d really love to combining travelling and music as much as I can. So if it get’s to the point where I was lucky enough to see the places I want to and be doing it for music, then thats a dream!

How do you think you’ve grown creatively since you started making music?

I’d never really collaborated on music before, so working with a few different writers / producers has opened the way I work up so much. It’s super interesting how everyone has such a different way of working, and it’s made me realise that there’s no right way of doing anything.

You were in LA recently, how is the music scene different out there to the UK?

I was actually in LA just visiting, not for any musical reason! I just wanted to relax and experience it as a place, instead of just jumping into the writing scene out there. It’s a crazy place, like everyone says. Super friendly people though!

Download “Pull Me Up” on iTunes here.

Words: India Opie Meres


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