We’ve got a double whammy for you today: a chat with Vanessa White as well as a premiere of her new track!

Personally, my standout The Saturdays memory was their 2009 cover of Depeche Mode’s iconic track “Just Can’t Get Enough”. Yours may well be their stellar early work, the bubble gum classic “Up”, or perhaps, in your enviable youthfulness, it’s 2013’s heartfelt hit “What About Us”. Whichever is your favourite, you were almost certainly profoundly saddened by The Saturdays’ hiatus announcement last year – who didn’t shed a perfectly airbrushed tear? If you’re still grieving for the loss, then you will be relieved to hear that Vanessa White’s burgeoning solo career storms ahead with a brand new track that we are proud to exclusively bring you.

“Don’t Wanna be Your Lover” is the follow up to last month’s internet-ready-hit “Relationship Goals”, and it ups the smooth R&B ante big time, with the silky yet powerful vocals we have come to expect from Vanessa (not to mention a moreish chorus that refuses to leave my head). It’s a very different sound to The Saturdays’ brand of power-pop, a little more mature and sophisticated, and we can’t wait to hear Vanessa’s next move. On top of the track, we also got a chance to sit down with Vanessa (jealous?) and talk about her new solo sound, her biggest influences, and the unwavering loyalty of The Saturdays’ fan base.

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Vanessa, we love your new solo tracks! What made you decide to release music as a solo artist, what direction have you aimed to go in?

It was a natural progression for me to go into music as it was something that I always loved to do.  It seemed like the only option for me as I’ve always loved listening to R&B & pop music so it was really natural for me to continue in this direction.

You’ve been in the industry for a while now, how do you feel like your music is growing and progressing?

For me personally I have always listened to this style of music, so there wasn’t a lot of thought put behind it but just happened while I was in the studio.

Your new song “Don’t Wanna Be Your Lover” has a real RnB vibe. What would you say are your key influences? 

Growing up I listened to a lot of Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, TLC and all that vibe.  I still listen to all of that now and currently I’m listening to a lot of The Weeknd.

What inspires you to write songs? 

When I’m in the studio and I meet new people sometimes it just clicks, we really get on and start having conversations about random stuff and that’s a good starting point.  Or it can be from ideas that I’ve written on my phone, something I want to write about based on recent experiences.

Is music a therapeutic experience for you? 

I find it incredibly therapeutic and a great feeling when I’ve finished a song…I love it!

How have fans from your last project (The Saturdays) reacted to you as a solo artist? 

I was really worried first of all about The Sats fans hearing my new stuff because I was unsure to whether they would like it or if it would translate as it’s so different to The Sats music.  Luckily they have all been so supportive with their feedback and they are into it which makes me really happy.

What’s your ultimate goal with your solo career? 

To continue making loads more music that people really like and enjoy listening to.  As long as people like the music then I’m happy!

What’s on the horizon for Vanessa White? 

Loads of new music to come this year & next, with a similar R&B vibe and some dancier up-beat tracks coming too!



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