Unique. Creative. Rebellious. Fashionable… What more could you want from your Friday night?

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With its rich history in eighties New York, Voguing has been popping up all over London’s nightlife scene. Wonderland favourites at the ‘House of Lady Di’ have been taking it one step further with their incredible nights mixing Voguing and Ballroom, ‘REALNESS’. The nights have been held on a regular basis since April this year, giving Voguers and Vogue lovers alike a taste of what the voguing culture is about from their fabulous perspective. Their nights – created to build the Voguing and Ballroom scene in London – have seriously taken off, rapidly becoming the place to experience Vogue culture in the capital. Tonight the House of Lady Di will host their first extravagant KiKi Vogue Ball, taking over Hub16 on Stoke Newington road promising a truly spectacular Vogue night for all. We grabbed a minute with one of its founders, Paleta CalmQuality, to find out more about what’s in store for us tonight. Cancel all of your plans, we can guarantee this is a night not to be missed.

What inspired you to set up this night? What should we expect from it?

Myself (Paleta CalmQuality) Benjamin Milan, divaD Magnifique and Tamsier Joof have been preparing for this night since the beginning of this year when we decided to open our KiKi House ‘House of Lady Di’

Our Students and extended Voguing family members have grown so much over this year and I believe we were able to give them as much as we could to get a feel of what ballroom culture is about.

Now it’s time for Everyone to share what their feeling about the culture is, what they have learned, what they know and even what they don’t know yet (as we are all still growing and learning everyday)

As for us (Paleta, Benjamin, divaD and Tamsier), we are all very passionate about the freedom of expression of who, what and how we are, in our genders our sexuality and our appereance. We believe that London is the place where many people can relate to this passion and we knew that we want have to make this happen to build the community.

So for tonight – be ready for That Unique – Rebelious – Creative – Fashionable London- Spirit where you will find like and open minded people who share a genuine interest and love for the Voguing/ Ballroom Scene and that want to express themselves in a free environment, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or race!

Can you tell us a bit about the people playing?

Tonight we have Dj’s CVNT TRAXXX, who is Member of the House of Mizrahi and the Dj Collectiove AERIAL ( 199? & AQWEA).

Usually we have Dj Rushmore from Trax Cotoure with us aswell. Unfortunately he can’t be there tonight.

They have been playing at our Previous Vogue Nights and they are part of our family!

What do you expect/want the crowd to be like?

It’s better not to expect anything, so we are open minded and are able to go with the Flow! BUT from our previous experiences with our Vogue nights and from how people have been responding to the event on Facebook we are expecting the place to be packed and people to be ready to Vogue down for their Liiiiffeess!

Can you tell us a bit about who you all are and what you’re about?

I will keep it cute and short on this one! We are the Parents of the KiKi House of Lady Di.Paleta CalmQuality and divaD Magnifique as the Mothers, Benjamin Milan is the Father and Tamsier Joof is the Grandfather.

I (Paleta) am known for my Calm Quality! I have been focusing on New Way since I started but lately have been getting more into Vogue Fem. I am all about individuality and freedom of expression and that shows in my movement aswell as the energy I give of (from what I’ve heard!)

DivaD Magnifique is our Fem Diva and is a member of the legendary NYC Ballroom House ‘House of Magnifique’

Benjamin Milan is known for his very precise and expressive New Way and is a member of the legendary NYC Ballroom House ‘House of Milan’

Tamsier Joof is elegance and grace in person! He has been Voguing down in London since the early 90’s and his New Way is so original

Why HUB16 for the venue?

We have been having our previous Vogue Nights ‘REALNESS’ always at the Hub16.

We love Samantha and Jason who have been supportive with our vision and how we do it from day 1. we really appreciate that and we love the vibe that we have been able to spread and create in the hub16. We want to keep that positive spirit going and eventhough it’s gonna be paaacked, we wanted to share this Historical Night for London and for House of Lady Di with the team that we have built over this year.

How should we get ready for the night?

Bump some Voguing tracks, have your look ready and get yourself in that fierce freedom zone. Don’t think about the competition but about the good vibes, sharing with each other and really enjoy yourself!


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