Lullaby sweet vocals with a cyber soundtrack, Leah Schrager evolves into an “extreme selfie model” as Ona.

Leah Schrager, otherwise known as Ona can do just about everything. The musician, artist, dancer and model Brooklynite describes herself as an “extreme selfie model”. We thought we could relate to the term, especially on a Friday night, but it turns out “extreme selfie model” doesn’t mean 50 blurry snaps in the bathroom, Ona shoots all her own photos, videos and even designs her own websites, we’re a little way off that accolade. She’s also the Naked Therapist, but that’s another story for another day.

The first EP, Sex Rock, from Ona’s musical work is coming in early 2016. “In Your Life” is a first look at what we can expect. Squawking synths dissolve into a more appealing fuzzy backdrop with Leah’s deadpan vocals strangely but seductively apathetic. It all crescendoes into a familiar pop-y place until the guitars come out for a climax worthy of a stage. Imagine it without Leah singing, it could be the song before the curtain falls in any musical. Our minds are running wild at the thought of Ona live shows in the future, until then, “In Your Life” is on repeat.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.28.05 PM