Eyes On: Places + Faces

Ciesay and Soulz are sharing their access all areas pass with you this weekend.

Get a little slice of the high life at Kachette in Shoreditch. Ciesay and Soulz’ Places + Faces exhibition opens here in London tomorrow. The photography duo’s music and lifestyle brand documents their insider access to the industry. It all looks like a party we want to be invited to, hanging out backstage with everyone we want to join our gang.

In collaboration with Bench clothing, the show includes candid shots of Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, The WuTang Clan and Skepta and this is your first chance to see their work outside of a private exhibition in London.

We caught up with the pair to find out a little more ahead of tonight’s preview.

How did the two of you come to work together and how did you know you wanted to work with each other when you met?

We first started working during late 2011; we were in both in a creative group of individual artists that collaborated every now and then.

What drew you both to music photography?

Well Soulz and I have always been around musicians, we’d film interviews for them as freelancers for blogs and stuff so when it came to Places+ Faces taking pictures of artists and documenting what we do and who we meet only came natural.

What do you think it takes to create a great image? How important is the photographer vs the subject?

I feel like having a good eye is what helps create a great image especially when shooting in film sometimes you’re put in positions where you can only take one photo, so you need to make that photo count, in terms of distancing and angles, and whatever else you want to capture in the photo. The photographer is just as important as the subject because everybody dies, but the photo the photographer takes will live forever and that’s how the subject will be remembered.

Is there anyone you’d love to capture but have never had the opportunity to do so?

Soulz: Bill Murray & Really

Ciesay: Pharrell and Lindsay Lohan

What’s your favourite image in the exhibition?

Soulz: Mine is the one of J $tash

Ciesay: Mine is the landscape of Paris because it shows the beautiful city

A picture’s worth a thousand words but were there any standout memories on shoots we wouldn’t be able to pick up on through the images that you can share with us?

The picture that I took of Kyle Massey Aka “Corey In the House” sitting next to his seat from the set of the show, he’s a child hood hero.

How did your collaboration with Bench come about for the exhibition, can you tell us a little more?

Bench were really interested in helping us bring this exhibit to life, so they helped cover the costs and in return all I do is give them a couple photos of people in their clothing to hang up, the shoot was done by us in our style so it was cool they gave us full creative control.

Places + Faces runs this weekend only at Kachette, Shoreditch.