With his ‘Scenes’ EP released on 16th October, enigmatic newcomer 3:20 speaks with Wonderland as we shed a little light as well as exclusively sharing his first mix online.


If you’re after raw, unbridled and exciting talent then you’ve hit the bullseye with newcomer 3:20, aka 23 year-old Aaron Daniels. Since premiering his first track track ‘The Trip’ a couple of weeks back, 3:20 has been racking up some seriously impressive attention online as well as already receiving support from BBC Radio 1 – even the more impressive considering his music doesn’t typically lend itself to mainstream radio.

A beautiful piece of music, ‘The Trip’ introduced us to the light, twinkling synths and hazy vocal loops that make up 3:20’s musical style. Full of ambience, his music swirls and jabs to create brooding and intoxicating instrumentals that somehow make you feel almost every emotion in just a few short minutes.

With an EP ‘Scenes’ on the way on 16th October, 3;20 shares an exclusive mix with Wonderland below before we chat to the name about to become big in the underground scene to find out some more about his story.

Wonderland Magazine Mix by 3:20 on Mixcloud

Your new track ‘The Trip’ seemed to come out of nowhere and it’s so good! How long have you been making music for and how did you get into it?

Thank you very much! I’ve been making music for about 10 years now starting out as a DJ and naturally progressing into production. To be completely honest with you, there was never really any other choice of career, i made a decision very early on (maybe 6/7) that I wanted to be a producer or DJ.

Where did the name 3:20 come from?

The very short and sweet answer is my mum. I went in the house on a break from working and just asked her “What time was I born?” She turned to me and said “3:20” and it just felt right ever since.

What are you goals with the 3:20 project, is there anything you dream of achieving?l 

With the EP, Scenes..I really just want to be heard and be on the mind of the people listening to it. That’s what’s super important to me, just to be heard. I’m not a guy that wants a whole lot, so first and foremost I just want people to enjoy the music. Anything else is genuinely a bonus to me. I will say, that i randomly got an email from Phil Taggart (Radio 1) asking for my track ‘The Trip’ came in which was amazing to me. I really couldn’t believe it. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be played on radio so that definitely was a dream for me.

Who / what were your biggest musical (or otherwise!) inspirations growing up?

This is a really difficult one for me to answer as there’s been so much that’s inspired me and played a part in my creativity over the years. I’ll give you a few names as there would be too many if i had my way. Kanye West, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, The Neptunes, Wiley, JME & Skepta to name a few, but there’s A LOT more. I know I won’t be happy when I read this and i’ve forgotten a really obvious one haha

You’ve said that every track on the EP represents a different emotion or a different scene in your life so far. Do you find that any particular emotions or moods help you create music more than others?

Yeah I mean, emotion and moods will play a huge part in my music and the older i’m getting the more I realise how much I maybe have done/said and will continue to do and say will be based simply off raw emotion. I think that’s part how creation however and it’s hard to find a creative from any walk of life or art form that doesn’t at times let their heart lead them. I wouldn’t say that one mood trumps the other when it comes to creativity and making music though, I have to put the emotion in the music and sounds, and then alter it and edit it digitally which will in turn make me feel different as I work my way through the process. I could play a super heavy chord with amazing weight and power that feels hard and super dark, change/remove a note and it’s beautiful and makes me want to play with puppies so even shaping sound will direct my mood as I go along. I’m really emotionally tied in and invested with what I do and the feeling whatever it may be is infectious to me as an individual.

Where would we find you at 3.20am on a typical Saturday night?

Probably sitting in front of my computer working away or chilling with a few of friends, I really don’t do A LOT socially and haven’t done since I discovered logic to be very honest. I just want to make music all the time and just be better….

And 3.20pm on a typical Sunday afternoon?

Most probably at home watching some football in a tracksuit on the sofa. 

What’s next for 3:20?

More music, more music, more music. That’s the most important thing to me. I’m currently working on EP two and i’ve been working with a team of artists called Badside on a project which i’m really excited about. Other than that, mostly trying to work with awesome writers/producers/artists to create music for you guys to be live by and enjoy for a long time to come.

Words: Amelia Hope


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