Between shooting music videos in musty motels with Miley Cyrus to bouncing in the back of a truck driven by Tom “Mad Max” Hardy, Zoe Kravitz is Hollywood’s free-wheeling triple threat.

Taken from the 10th Birthday Issue of Wonderland.


White cotton bra by ARAKS, black fishnet stockings by TOPSHOP, blue vintage jeans by LEVIS and jewellery ZOE’S OWN

When it comes to hearing people’s opinions on her music,Venice, LA’s Zoe Kravitz is simply not interested.“I seriously do not give a shit,” she blankly informs me. I’d normally take this truck load of road grit with a pinch of scepticism. But this musician I believe.

I mean, why would she give a shit? She’d still be cooler than most with or without her three piece band, Lolawolf. Kravitz is the 26 year old daughter of the American singer, songwriter, guitar wielding, record making Lenny and actress mother Lisa Bonet.

In her brief run as an adult, she’s dabbled in various professions: from screen acting alongside the likes of Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy to modelling in a 2010 Alexander Wang campaign. Talking of her mutil-faceted career to date Kravitz reflects.“That was the way the entertainment industry started, if you really think about it. You used to have to be a triple threat to survive in Hollywood. You know, a Gene Kelly, or a Julie Andrews.”

But you get a sense her music pursuits come first.Angst-y, energised hip-hop-pop with hints of afrobeat and drone: a bit of research on Lolawolf and two music videos later, the three-piece are swiftly in my iTunes account. Current single “Every Fuckin’ Day” mashes menacing horrorcore synths with with downtempo trap beats.“I invited all my neighbours ‘cuz I know they get curious.” Kravitz lulls on it.“Then I kicked them all out ‘Cuz they were too serious.”

LolaWolf – Zoë, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy – have just finished a tour supporting Miley Cyrus around the US (having previously supported Lily Allen and Twin Shadow),
has a couple million hits onYouTube and a burgeoning fan base. Most recently, the troupe finished a surveillance camera footage-mimicking music video for single “Bitch”, featuring one recognisable extra. “We’d hung out with Miley the day before, we didn’t even know she was going to be in town, and we had this idea. Literally it was just us with a friend,Trouble Andrew, who’s directed a bunch of our videos. I said ‘come hang out’ and she showed up with like googly eyes and like a sexy outfit. We hung out, it was really fun.”

Bouncing on motel room beds, pot smoking and knicker flashing; it’s dollish, free-spirited, low rent fun.“The more I hung out with her, the more we talked about music. I just love her. I get really excited when I meet someone who can really talk music, who really listens to music… I just like the way her brain works.”

Releasing their debut self-titled EP on indie label Innit Recordings, the band are staying as far away from the major label scene as possible.“It’s very weird, especially right now. I think the industry is kind of falling apart in term of like the record industry and the labels. Our band’s not signed to a label and that’s because every time we met with a label they wanted to change us.”Their debut LP, the excellent “Calm Down,” was released shortly after.

And what of her acting career, which, on paper it least, is as successful as her sound? In this year’s Mad Max: Fury Road, she joined the likes of Riley Keogh and Rosie Huntington-Whitely as one of five “Wives” on a dessert-spanning car chase. Mix this with a stint in indie newcomer Dope alongside A$AP Rocky and Kiersey Clemons, she’s hot property in the rolling hills of Hollywood right now.“I’m attracted to different roles for different reasons really. They kind of feed different parts of me,” she says.

“I think It’s easier to be typecast. Like,‘this is the coke-y/quirky chick, this is the black cult coke-y/quirky chick, this is the sexy chick,’ do you know what I mean? It’s true, it’s bad, but in the film industry, especially as a black woman, there is like a handful of us working, and then they kind of choose us like. ‘Do we want the sexy chick? Do we want that other chick? Do we want the rocker chick? Do we want the alternative chick? The lead roles are usually going to go to someone that is quote-on-quote ‘all- American looking’ you know? Friendly, and not going to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

With a patron music maven for a father, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’d had a leg-up in her career.You would, until you find out she’s debuted LolaWolf ’s music online completely anonymously, without a pinch of nepotism.“I’ve always been very aware and slightly paranoid that people think I’m some kind of spoilt brat that just wants to party and got everything really easily,” she admits.


White vintage t-shirt STYLIST’S OWN, black fishnet stockings as before and jewellery ZOE’S OWN


Black and white wool jumper by COACH, white silk slip dress by ARAKS and jewellery as before


White cotton bra as before, earrings by PAMELA LOVE


Black cotton t-shirt STYLISTS OWN and black fishnet stockings and jewellery as before.



White cotton bra and knickers by ARAKS and fishnet stockings by TOPSHOP

Photographer: Marlene Marino

Fashion: Lauren Blane

Hair: Nicole Nelms

Makeup: Renee Garnes at Wilhelmina

Manicurist: GRACIE J/Cloutier Remix

Words: Harriet Charity Verney


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