Melbourne born Andrei Eremin curates a playlist for Wonderland reminding us of the all the magical music talent happening right now in Australia. 

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Andrei Eremin is amongst many Australians currently making waves in music. The 23-year-old artist/producer hails from Melbourne and has worked with other acclaimed artists including Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung and a current favourite of ours, Banoffee.

Andrei’s EP Pale Blue was released on the 28th August and features “Anhedoniac” – the track for which he has released his first music video. The track has been described to Wonderland as a “more garage-y Disclosure meets Flume” with Aluna George-esque vocals – if that doesn’t sound dreamy what does? The beats are teamed with enchanting vocals performed by Kučka, who was recently announced for Red Bull’s Class of 2015 and is also one to watch. Below Andrei introduces his playlist, titled Essential Australian Electronica.

“If there’s one thing I love about Australia, there’s a really beautiful thriving electronic scene that has yet to bubble over to international acclaim. A couple years back there was a boom led by the likes of Flume, Chet Faker and Ta-ku – assuming you’re familiar with them, these are some of the artists still leading the pack locally who I think are doing something truly unique and influential.”

Thrupence – “Silk”

23-year-old producer and visual artist Jack Vanzet aka. Thrupence creates hugely evocative tracks that incorporate lush sampling with organic recordings and digital beats. Most of all, at the heart of his creations is always a really great song – never overthinking production or making up for a lack of substance.

I’lls – “Let Me Have Just One”

I’lls are an extremely talented Melbourne band who draw influences from Radiohead, Burial, Boards of Canada, etc. to craft deceptively minimal songs that play with your emotions. They recently released this straight-to-VHS rendition of the strongest part of their live sets this year and it’s a beautiful juxtaposition of unique, thoughtful art and B-grade 90s aesthetics.

Black Vanilla – “Slug”

You’ll need good headphones to get the most out of this track. Black Vanilla are a Sydney group drawing from a combination of footwork, R&B and an alien aesthetic to make music that sounds like it’s come from the future.

Oscar Key Sung – “Altruism”

Melbourne heartthrob Oscar Key Sung is a multi-talented individual who sings, produces and performs all his own music. Just as likely to take influence from avant-garde as he is from Drake, his music comes from a truly original place and yet retains a solid pop appeal.

Charles Murdoch – “Straws”

Charles is a producer out of Brisbane that seems to have a bulletproof handle on every genre he tackles. His Instagram is a treasure trove of techno jams, and Straws is in an ambient uptempo category of its own. Hugely catchy with deep production skills.

Rat & Co – “Samurai”

I like to describe Rat & Co as the stoner rock of the Australian electronic scene. Simple, instrumental loop-based beats that leave way for you to feel the groove and develop a strong emotional connection with their music.

Electric Sea Spider – “Armani Slums”

Straight outta Melbourne, Electric Sea Spider was my favourite guy to do wonky beats back when that was the thing to do. Nowadays he’s moving into more abstract territory and creating totally uninhibited pieces of electronic music that are truly captivating.

Andrei Eremin – “Anhedoniac (x KUČKA)”


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