With the news of One Direction’s proposed hiatus, we’re getting emotional over the most traumatic band break-ups.


Backstreet Boys


Backstreet might have come back, but it wasn’t ok when they left the first time around, alright. In 2006, after THIRTEEN years together, Kevin Richardson left the band, stating, “it was a very tough decision for me but one that was necessary in order to move on with the next chapter of my life.” We’re sure it was a very sad time for Richardson, but he reportedly had 40 million bucks to wipe away his tears with. He came back in 2011, we can’t keep up anymore, it isn’t fair on the fans, this roller-coaster of emotion.

N Sync


If you ignore Justin Timberlake’s hair, N Sync were everything. Maybe the hair too, it’s the subject of many a debate. We said bye, bye, bye to the boys in 2002 when they went on a temporary hiatus that turned out to be permanent. Still pining for some N Sync pop? You can go see all five of them at Madame Tussauds NYC, prepare yourself for nightmares on wax.



So. Much. Leather. Too much for 2015, probably not enough for 2001 when the band went their separate ways. Ian ‘H’ Watkins (the H stood for Hyperactive, apparently) and Claire Richards left the fivesome for their own £5 million deal as a duo with Warner. They should’ve had remembered that there’s no I in Steps as they only released one album out of a planned five and the band came back as a group in 2011. That must have been an awkward conversation.

S Club 7

Photo of S CLUB 7

Even though the Juniors tried to continue their elders’ legacy all the way up until 2005, S Club 7 was just never the same after Paul Cattermole left in 2002. These were the days of lipgloss and ice blue eyeshadow, baggy jeans and trouser chains and S Club 7 epitomised the era. They had their own film and TV show, both with bizarre plotlines, the film involved clones, at least it was unpredictable. They jumped on the reunion bandwagon last year and you can join the S Club party on their Bring It All Back tour this year.



Westlife were more of a band for your mum, they were seriously uncool, always sat on high stools and the infamous masters of the boyband hand actions. There was still always one person at school with a Westlife pencil case though. Loving Westlife was stressful, what with Brian McFadden leaving in 2004, their hiatus in 2008 and finally, finally their split in 2012, a Westlife fan never really knew if they were coming or going. Their 2001 single “Uptown Girl” a cover of Billy Joel, was probably their best, and worst, offering. There’s still some incredible Westlife fansites lurking on the internet where you can learn everything you could ever possibly dream of about the boys.

Spice Girls


We’ve been trying to spice up our lives since 1994 when the Spice Girls formed. Vicky B was obviously our favourite, we love a good pout, but as girl power icons, we love them all. They made enough fashion mistakes to fill a book but in their own kitsch way, they’ve become not only acceptable, but influential over the years. From Baby’s platform trainers to Ginger’s union jack dress, you spot a little bit of the Spice Girls every now and again despite their first split being in 2000. We’re pleased to report that apparently they’re making a comeback, get ready to shimmy to the left and shake it to the right, all over again.

All Saints


Probably the coolest on this list, All Saints were pure commercial 90s RnB. Best remembered by us at Wonderland for their incredible skill at co-ordinated clothing, they pioneered the tank top and white jean combination  the one that we’d all rather forget about. During their first 8 year attempt at stardom, they had five UK number ones but sadly split in 2005. Unsurprisingly, despite saying they’d never reform again, All Saints supported Backstreet Boys on their 2013 reunion tour.

Words: Lily Walker.


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