Toronto’s serving up grunge in the form of the deceptively sweetly named, Dilly Dally.

Dilly Dally

Katie Monks’ dry grumbles burst out of her uncontrollably, that’s the first thing you notice about “Desire” through all the feedback, then the verses slur into each other with a viscosity as thick as honey, or something decidedly more punk, black nail varnish, perhaps? Liz Ball, Benjamin Reinhartz and Jimmy Tony fill in the gaps with melodic sighs and noisy grunge percussion. It’s a harsh track that wallows in its own melody and leaves you dizzy but full, almost warm, it’s cathartic even to listen to.

The Toronto foursome have come together after a few line-up changes and are set to release their debut album, Sore in October. We’re told the record has nods to Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers, and The Pogues. Monks calls it “All that and a bag of weed.” It’s got everything you could hope for from a debut: odes to heartbreak, reinvention, sex, menstruation and cigarettes. We cornered Katie to get to know everything about Dilly Dally including the benefits of pre-sleep meditation and her once love for ‘sad-junkie-artist-boys’.

How did you come together as a band and what made you want to work with each other?

Hard to remember. Liz and I have been besties for 12 years. And we’ve always known we were gonna do the band thing. Never looked back. Never questioned it.

Tony and Ben came into Dilly Dally later on. We’d seen them slug it out on stage with these really cool, heavy bands here in Toronto. We were just fans of their shit. Loved those vibes.

Can you tell us about the concept behind the video for your new single, “Desire”?

The concept is pretty layered. There’s parts I don’t even wanna get into. But essentially, this song takes me back to when I was a teenager – falling in love or lust for the first time, with a band or person or whatever. I wanted to show those two aspects: the mundane, dreary life of being a loser teen in the suburbs, and then the ridiculous, but still kinda innocent fantasies a lot of us had during that time.

How indicative is “Desire” of what will be on Sore? Can we hope for a similar heavy sound?

Yes. Then, we’ve got this secret weapon at the very end of the record. Special tune.

When did it feel like ‘Sore’ was all beginning to come together? Was it a long process putting the record together?

The oldest song on Sore is 8 years old, it’s called “Green” – kinda feels like our anthem, we’ve played it so much. So yeah, we’ve taken our sweet time in general.

Hard to say exactly when this album all came together. I guess it just got to a point when we were sick of holding back. Like enough people had pissed us off, that we just wanted to vom.

We’re in love with your artwork, the gems on the tongue and the ice cream, where did it all come from? How important is your aesthetic to you?

Very important. Plus, I have these really vivid visions. Every night before I fall asleep instead of stressing about life and shit, I often meditate on different imagery and music I wanna make. I think about Dilly Dally a shit ton. The extent of my obsession might seem fucked-up, but I actually find it really helps my mental health.

Katie and Liz, you’ve been quoted saying you idolise Kurt Cobain, Christopher Owens and Pete Doherty, what is it about those musicians/their music that draws you in?

When I was a teenage girl, I always fell for the ‘sad-junkie-artist-boy’. You could probably put it down to maternal instincts. I’ve met enough of them now that I’m completely over it. While I really respect those three incredible songwriters, and how vulnerable they’ve allowed themselves to become publically, I’ve been focussing my energy on people and art that is less self deprecating. Again, no disrespect. They’ve influenced me for sure. I just had to move on.

What can we expect from a Dilly Dally live show (and when are you coming to the UK!)?

Our live show!!!!! Come hang with us!!! We are so so excited to tour this record. Being on stage is where we feel most ourselves // most human. We definitely give it our all—sometimes I even come close to fainting up there. There’s no way in hell I ever would. But I’m just saying. I get all spiritual and shit. And yeah, UK dates will be announced soon. Keep your eyes out.

We’ve been looking on Insta, you had your first “boob signing” recently, congrats, you’ve made it! Have you found yourself any die-hard fans yet?

Lady parts are beautiful. Anyone who would like me to sign, please feel free to ask <3

What’s the dream? Is there something you all want to achieve as a band?

The dream is to keep reaching deeper and deeper inside ourselves to unleash whatever fierce truths we can find. Use that gunk to connect with as many people as possible, and hopefully encourage them to do the same. Make people feel powerful. Because everyone has voice, or can pick up an instrument, or leave a stamp in someway.


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