Meet North-West London songstress Connie Constance. When she sings, she wants to give you a ticket into her brain.IMG_5864


When Connie Constance sings, she wants to give you “a ticket into her brain”. The North West London born and bred singer left school at a young age to become a dancer, but that was before music stole her heart. Having been introduced to UK artist Blue Daisy last year by a friend, Constance has been on a creative roll ever since. Her beautifully raw debut track “Stars” sees her honest heartfelt vocal melodies dance through a sea of ethereal r’n’b soundscapes. Soulful and raw in equal measure, her vocals span from rough and raspy to a soft sound that’s sweeter than honey. This may be her first ever release, but with her captivating sound Constance has already racked up support from Giles Peterson and Radio 1’s Annie Mac. Here, we catch up with Constance to find out more.

Your first single, Stars, is mesmerising. Can you tell us what it’s about?

Stars uses playful lyrics to show escapism into a childlike place where all problems from life are left behind and are no longer a worry.

Where do you find your inspiration to write?

I find inspiration from what life throws at me, the people I meet and the situations that occur. Also from the books that I’m reading and the music that I’m writing too. When I write to music I try to escape into a world that the sounds are creating.

You left dance school early. How did you get drawn into music?

Whilst training at the Urdang academy I used to jam with my homies in the evenings. It was also when I first got into jazz soloists like Charles Mingus it was through this music that I feel In love with unpredictable melodies.

How did you come to work with Blue Daisy?

A close friend of mine introduced me to Blue Daisy at his studio in Hackney Wick.

Who else would you like to collaborate with some day? In your wildest dreams…

The Libertines. That would be sick.

Your sound has been described as “music as escapism from the cuts and bruises of young London life”. What is it about the city that makes you want to escape?

I don’t always want to escape, it’s just at times when things aren’t going right, music is a place for me where I can forget all that is happening around you and get lost without it costing anything.

What do you think about when you’re singing?

When I’m singing by myself I enjoy really listening to my emotions and letting them rule how gritty and dusty my voice is or how light and humbled it is. When I’m signing to someone I like to give them a ticket into my brain and hopefully give them a chance to relate there issues or happiness with mine. This world can seem so big and us humans so pointless when there isn’t someone else to relate to.

That’s so true. What could we expect from your live performance?

I hope I can entertain and create a world where an audience can get lost inside. A trip to another universe

What’s your first memory of music?

Laying on my Granddads belly whilst Motown and reggae were playing. His favourite artist is Dennis brown.

Who do you take influence from?

I’m hugely influenced by Amy Winehouse, and bands like The libertines, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys. But also right now I’m listening to Jurrasic5 and Leon Bridges.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

Some magical sounds and uplifting lyrics for the youthful hearts.

Photographer: Nadine Ijewere


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