Through his Dogfood Music Group, Mykki Blanco presents ‘C-ORE’, a short film guiding you through his artistic and personal inspirations.

What’s on the agenda for today? How about following Mykki Blanco and friends for 10 minutes as they, “hunt down a wanted techno-junkie in the middle of developing a new way for users to experience old earth.” Sounds fun, right? Directed by Jude MC, you can travel alongside four vigilantes. Let’s get the facts out of the way before we fall into Mykki’s mind: the video features previews of the music on C-ORE, which is also the name of Dogfood Music Group’s impending compilation, including two tracks from Psychoegyptian, “Don’t I Look” and “LBCD”, one song from Yves Tumour, “Histrionic II”, one from Violence, ” This Is Going To Be Disgusting, Unholy & Pleasurable” and one from Mykki Blanco himself, “Paw”.

So, the four vigilantes locate this ‘techno-junkie’ and amidst pre-millenium computer graphics and DIY camera shots, they drag him away by the arm of his shirt. The film cuts away to slithers of performance previews before being enveloped by darkness again. The vigilantes fall into the techno-junkie’s world after trying his machine-meets-drug themselves and travel to alternate realities, within which they reach the limits in an attempt to escape the C-ORE they’re now a part of. Scenic landscapes mixed with hostage situations and vertigo-inducing angles make for an engrossing watch. Moral of the story? Don’t do techno drugs, kids.

It’s got the basslines of your nightmares and screeches of guitar in a strange warp of rap and punk that seems entirely visceral despite having been clearly considered as part of such an ambitious project. Unnervingly cultish and entrancing, it’s everything we could have hoped for from a snapshot into Mykki Blanco’s creativity.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.06.14

‘C-ORE’ is due for release 18th September on Dogfood Music Group.