Rock and roll eccentrics, Florida’s Jacuzzi Boys, put their guitars down for five minutes to tell us about their new label and their new EP.

Jacuzzi Boys

Recorded at Pinecrust Studios (what a great name) in Miami, Florida, Jacuzzi Boys are almost ready to unleash their new EP Happy Damage out into the world. Three noisy boys with a penchant for feedback, they’re making tunes with deliciously audible American twangs and pleasingly simple guitar hooks that grow into chords worthy of air guitar accompaniment and your best rock god face.

We’ve been wishing we could hop on a place to one of their shows since we saw their video for lead single, “Happy Damage”. Sweaty rooms, swaying and stomping crowds and what looks like the potential for some heavy bruising is all part of the fun and games for Jacuzzi Boys. Gabriel from the band told us everything you need to know about the trio ahead of the EP release, 18th September.


How did you guys come together as a band and why are you the Jacuzzi Boys? 

Diego & I went to high school together. We got our instruments at the same time & decided to start a band after getting into the New York Dolls, haha. We met Danny through a mutual friend, Rydel who drives us around on our U.S. tours. As for the name, it was a joke that stuck. I came up with it thinking we weren’t going to play more than two shows, but I was wrong!

‘Happy Damage’ is due for release, can you tell us about the recording process, why did you go to Miami with Jonathan Nunez?

Well, we’ve known Jonathan for quite a while… He plays in a really cool band called Torche who are originally from Miami. It was a blast recording the EP.  We wanted the songs to sound loud, chaotic & stripped down.

Do you have a favourite track of the six on the EP?

It’s hard to say… I like em’ all! I guess the one I’m digging now is ‘Sun’. We just shot a pretty neat video for it that should be coming out soon.

You’re releasing it on your own Mag Mag label, what are your plans for the future with the label, do you have anyone in mind that you want to work with?

We want to see how it goes with the EP & next LP before venturing out into other records, but when we do we hope to put out some really neat & freaky records from a wide spectrum of music!

You said you wanted to capture the live experience in the EP, how do you think you’ve managed this?

Our last LP was pretty much a studio record for us. We experimented a lot & built on songs. This time around we wanted to bring in a batch of songs, play them at the tempo that we would at a live show & not really worry about making it ‘perfect’. Warts & all!

As a group, how do you go about writing music together, do you all have specific roles?

Its basically all collaborative… We mess around with parts and if something sticks or we keep going back to it, then it’ll become a song. Our version of natural selection, haha.

It looks like you’re doing things the good old fashioned rock and roll way in your new video, where was the best place to go on tour?

That little run was a blast! We had some of our best friends come with us on the trip which made it even more special. I think Tijuana was maybe the funnest show… We basically blacked out.

What’s your favourite part of being in a band, do you like writing or recording or going to play on tour?

All of it!

When can we expect an album and an appearance in the UK?

I think we’ll be there soon! Maybe right after the EP comes out. As for a new album, we’re aiming for early next year!


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