Masked beat-master Claptone teams up with The Impossible Project for a Melt! polaroid diary exclusively for Wonderland.


A flickering sea of lights, pulsating beats and beaming faces in the most unusual of settings – a quaint peninsula near Gräfenhainichen called Ferropolis. We’re talking about German festival institution – Melt!. Starting out as a small stronghold for rave lovers and techno enthusiasts the world over, Melt! is now a haven for a multitude of music styles, providing a mash-up of genres to please even the fussiest of festival goers. It’s not every day you see the likes of Kylie Minogue, Flume, Hudson Mohawke, Alt J, London Grammar and Bonobo on the same line up, is it? Among this years line-up was bird-masked beat-master – Claptone and his “Immortal Live” show. Known for his blend of house, funk, soul, pop and indie, his Melt! set featured many of the remixes he has become renowned for. Having teamed up with The Impossible Project this year who gave Claptone his own polaroid camera to document his experience, we caught up with the masked man himself to hear about his summer.

What did you like about Melt! 2015?

It was an honor for me to bring my Claptone Immortal Live show to Melt! Festival. That Festival has a great vibe, the setting between the cranes and close to the lake is just amazing. The weather was beautiful and the crowd – wow.

When you played “Dear Life” the crowd went wild, what’s your favourite track to play and why?

When I played “Dear Life” I had the feeling that people started to kiss and fall into each other’s arms. But the concert was wild overall. Especially the Liquid Spirit Claptone Remix for Gregory Porter was a highlight.

The Claparealla girls looked amazing, was this your idea?

I had the idea to spread my mask. My minions and I gave away 1000 masks on the festival, most of them just before the show started. Backstage there were some display dummies in nice outfits, but they were definitely missing a mask one of them was Claparella.

Tell us where the idea for your mask came from…

There is no idea behind this mask. The mask was given to me some hundred years ago and I haven’t taken it off since.

Will you ever take it off?


Where’s is your favourite venue to play at in Berlin?

I don’t like these kind of questions as I try to enjoy every gig in every city in every country in every club on every night with all the different crowds on our beautiful planet.

We understand. What other festivals are you at this summer?

I bring and brought my Claptone Immortal Live show to a finely curated selection of festivals only this year: Les Ardentes (Brussels), Balaton Sound (Hungary), Melt! festival (Germany) and SouthWest4 in London. But of course I DJ nonstop around the globe year round. I don’t want to bore you with naming all the festivals I play.

Okay, last one, what else can we expect from you in 2015?

After another Claptone single, I’ll release my debut album in October. This is the highlight of my year. But on the side I did new remixes for Faithless, Roisin Murphy, Hurts and The Wombats which will come out over the summer.

Lilly Rumler405 copy

“I almost never give interviews, but the setting in the Melt! backstage was so soothing that I felt strong enough to give answers and raise more questions.”

Lilly Rumler406 copy

“Beautiful Claperella. But don’t be fooled she’s just a display dummy. Tricks of the mind or better: Tricks of the ‘roit”

Lilly Rumler404 copy copy

 “I love cranes in purple”

Lilly Rumler412 copy“Me trying to blend in”Lilly Rumler453 copy“The first row at the Claptone Immortal Live show, Gemini Stage, Melt! Festival, Friday night after my minions gave out some of the precious golden masks.”Lilly Rumler408 copy“Machines are fascinating.”


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