Pablo Nouvelle’s got us entranced with his romantic mash up of house, pop and soul.


Dance music all seems a bit more romantic in Pablo Nouvelle’s world. With a name inspired by French New Wave cinema and having been pinned as a maker of ‘electronic dance’, he seems to have a little more substance than your usual bass throbbing, bone wobbling producers. From his fresh batch of tracks, “You Don’t Understand” has been blasted across BBC 6 and Radio 1 and “Take Me To A Place” takes assistance from vocalist LIV.

Taking all the components of your usual electronic offerings, Pablo pares things down with hollow percussion and tones kept in the treble. We sat down with the almost architect to find out about when he switched to making music, where he took his French film references from and what we can expect from the Black Butter artist in the future.

What’s your first memory of music?

If it’s the first memory, I can’t tell but I remember that as a kid I was very attached to african tribal music. Only drumming and vocals playing the question and answer game. Still nowadays I really like that kind of primal music. I think it’s the roots of all our music. Pure rhythm.

Did you always know that this was what you wanted to do or was there ever another plan?

Yes and no. Music was always the most important thing of all my interests. I remember skipping school to work on songs and later on I even stopped my architecture studies to focus more on music. On the other hand I then started to study animation film and I still produce shortfilms and animations today. I think it’s the variety of those things, which complement each other perfectly, that inspires me most.

BBC 6 and Radio 1 are loving your tracks as much as we are! What was it like to hear your music on the radio for the first time?

Oh that’s always really exciting, especially when it’s a big station like the BBC. But it also depends what station is playing your songs, not all of them feel like the most perfect fit… However, in addition to the BBC 1 also remember when one of my songs was played at “morning becomes eclectic” at KCRW in L.A., one of the coolest radio shows in town. That felt pretty great too.

What do you think is the perfect time and place to listen to your new track “Take Me To A Place”?

If you are asking me, I’ll put the song on while riding trough the mountains on my mountain bike. It’s definitely a song to listen to out in the nature, a place you would want to be taken to.

How did you and Liv come together? What about her made you want to work with her?

A common friend of ours, A-L-X, who sang on my previous single “You Don’t Understand”, produced her song “Special” (still one of my favourite songs of hers). That’s how I discovered her particular voice. Furthermore she is also a very talented songwriter – consequentially I wanted her on my record.

Vice gave you your own sub-genre of ‘melancholic dance’, where did you get inspiration for your unique style? 

To be honest I don’t think I’m the only one surfing on that melancholic dance wave. For me it comes very naturally as more than every thing else I’m into melancholic music, what ever the genre. So why not combine it with dance music. Bring your sorrows to the dance floor!

Your stage name ‘Pablo Nouvelle’ is a reference to French New Wave cinema and you drew upon this again in your video for “You Do Me Wrong”, what is it about French New Wave cinema that you love so much? What’s the story behind the name?

Nouvelle Vague movies contain that honesty & that style that I wanted to put in my music. And it feels all very natural too. If you try to be cool you’ve already lost… But if you do what you feel the need to do there is a slight chance it turns out to be really cool. Actually the Nouvelle Vague films are only one part of the inspiration for the name, the other reference is the french architect Jean Nouvel, a little allusion to the architect I’ve never become.

What’s been your favourite moment so far as a musician?

Phew, I don’t think you can point out one single event. It can be on a big stage when you realise that the whole audience really connects with your sound and overwhelms you with love, it can happen in a little lousy club when the girl in the front row dances through your whole set without even opening her eyes once or even when you’re all alone in the studio and you get overexcited about a new tune you just wrote…

Is there a specific reason you started music, do you have an ultimate goal or achievement you’re trying to reach?

The need to make music was always and still is the engine. An ultimate goal? The journey is the reward, I think the most important objective is to keep on evolving.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

“Take Me To A Place” is the first single of my forthcoming album ‘Hold On’ which will be released in the autumn. Tons of unreleased songs waiting to be discovered. It’s going to be exciting!


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