During the hottest week of the year, join us in cooling down by imagining life poolside, soundtracked by the best songs we discovered in June.

Years and Years – “Shine”

Everyone’s favourite cherub-faced, dulcet-toned electronica boy band are back following the success of their last release, “King” and we couldn’t be more excited. Everyone’s going crazy for “Shine”, us included. We’ve had it on repeat in the office and don’t intend on stopping for the rest of June, four minutes of light and breezy beats that make for easy listening to see you through the summer. No doubt we’ll be tunelessly “oo-ing” along as emphatically as we sang the chorus to “King” every time we heard it before long.

Selena Gomez ft A$AP Rocky – “Good For You”

If you haven’t already listened to pop sensation Selena’s new tune then we recommend you stick it on right now. She’s trying out a new style by going all Lana on us with a softer sound and the video is extra steamy too, her time as a Spring Break-er clearly had an effect. Teaming up with A$AP Rocky we had our suspicions when she posted an Instagram snap of with just the rapper tagged, “#sneaky”.  She’s come a long way from her Disney roots and is ready to prove she’s grown up. Suits you, Gomez.

Blur – “Ong Ong”

This one’s be doing the rounds for a while but the video only dropped this month and let’s face it, who doesn’t know and love Blur. They’ve basically provided us all with the soundtrack to the 90s and their Brit-tastic tunes are known worldwide. They released the news of a reunion album, “The Magic Whip,” in May and “Ong Ong” is the latest single to be released. The video is weird and wonderful, just as we would expect. There’s a giant ice cream cone and the same yellow emoji man we saw in the “Go Out” video but this time he’s on a quest in video game land to find his one true love, adorable, right? It’s got Blur written all over it and we’re so happy they’re back.

Trudy – “All My Love”

We featured them in our New Noise section last week and now we can’t get enough of their latest track, “All My Love”. These Leeds based boys are more Beach Boys than One Direction and will leave you sobbing over your tea about an old high school partner. All My Love may be about a lost love but it’s got that happy-go-lucky vibe that makes you want to dance along written all over it. Trudy are less sex, drugs and rock n roll and more snogging, cider and pop.

Little May – “Home”

They’ve played with the likes of Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes and The Flaming Lips and we recently interviewed them. It would seem that Little May are on everyone’s lips at the moment. Hypnotising us with their folk-pop tunes, their latest single “Home” is as epic as it is haunting. Lead singer, Liz’s bewitching voice is undoubtedly something you won’t be able to get out of your head after listening to this new track.

Duke Dumont – “The Giver” ft remixes by Mark Ronson

Remember “I Got U” that massive song that everyone was obsessed with in Feburary 2014? Well, it’s a given that we’re currently obsessing over the latest remix of Duke Dumont’s song, “The Giver”, featuring Mark Ronson. A classic summer club anthem, we could (and will) play this all summer long to get us ready for the weekend.

Annie-Marie – “Gemini”

She just released her debut EP, Karate and now she’s released her latest single, “Gemini”. This young voice is a member of Rudimental’s Hackney-collective and she’s got a sweeter than sugar voice that will be ringing in your ears for days.

Eminem – “Phenomenal”

‘Will the real slim shady please stand up, please stand up’. Okay, we’re sorry, we had to go there. Enough of his old songs, right now it’s all about Eminem’s newest song, “Phenomenal”. You might have heard this explosive tune while watching Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest film’s trailer for Southpaw – that’s if you weren’t too busy staring at a topless Jake.

Vic Mensa ft Kayne West – “U Mad”

The second release since his 2014 hit, “Down On My Luck”, Vic Mensa is back and this time he’s brought his friend, everyone’s favourite controversial musician, Kayne. Vic (whose full name is Victor Kwesi Mensah) came out of the Chicago hip-hop scene and him and his fellow Chicagoan, West make what can only be described as a dream team for this collab track.

Alyss Bowen.

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