Introducing the latest raw vocal talent to emerge on the London music scene: Asha.


Named as one of the best new emerging female singer-song writers of the year, ASHA is making waves with her debut single “We Can Do This”. With passions lying in street dance after previously being an ambitious dance teacher, ASHA exudes city hustle in her urban image that is ever-evident in her sound. Playing with a perfect balance of vulnerability and power, her new release chronicles the frustrations of personal relationships with an unguarded honesty. Wonderland chats with ASHA on her inspirations, her bona fide lyrics and where she sees herself in the future.

What music artists inspire you the most?

Amy Winehouse was a massive musical influence for my writing when I was younger and I always loved her music. She seemed to touch me with her realness in the lyrics & when she sang I really connected with her. One of the first songs I ever wrote was actually about her – it was called “Amy in the Red Dress”.

How would you describe your music?

My music has a real old school feel with the soul in my voice and my influences being people like Jill Scott, Joss Stone, Amy etc.. But most of all my music is just real. Every track I write is about me, so you get to take little pieces of ASHA with you as you listen.

You used to be a street dance teacher. What made you transition into music?

To be honest dance has and always will be my first love. But at about 16 I became injured and so it meant that I had to leave dance behind unfortunately. But I can’t think of a better second place runner up than writing songs and performing to audiences.

Will dancing play a key role in your performances and videos?

I cannot wait for the day that I’m strutting round the O2 with backing dancers and full blown costumes busting a step bull change… So the answer is yes!

You have a distinct sense of style and this a breath of fresh air from your average female solo artist. What are your favourite labels and why does street wear appeal to you?

I love to stand out from the crowd and it seems that my way to do so is to mix and match street wear with something the total opposite. You will most likely see me in a really sophisticated dress or skirt and shirt but as you scroll down you will find that I’ve always got either a pair of Adidas Originals or my trusty Jordans. I love to be comfortable and street wear seems to give me just that!

Is it best to always be over dressed or under dressed for an occasion?

Definitely over dressed!!

Your debut track ‘We Can Do This’ leaves no prisoners in its way of documenting the state of budding relationships. Does this stem from any frustrations you’ve felt?

I write only about my own experiences. It reflects a strong bond I had with a really close friend. Enough was enough so I let it all out in a song.

The lyrics in your songs are raw and heartfelt. How do you get yourself in the mindset for songwriting?

Give me a dark room, an amazing piece of production & some fried chicken and I’m totally in the zone…

What do you like to sing about the most?

I’ve recently started writing about the city that I live in… good old London. I love the way I can personify all the things I see happening around me and letting other people know my opinion on it all.

Where would you like to be in 3 years?

I’d love to be in Los Angeles in a little shack on the Santa Monica beach writing songs for the world to hear.

What’s in the pipeline for you?

Well my first ever video’s just dropped and an EP at a later stage. 🙂


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