We get the lowdown from new boys on the block, Lua Sonique.

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Hailing from South-East London, Lua Sonique is comprised of three artists with a spectra of originality and a diverse range of ideas. We caught up with them to talk about their journey into the industry, in-house fighting and new track ‘Searching’.

Give us an insight into your journey how did you all meet?

Sam and Alex met in primary school. We all met at college, as Jordan and Alex where on the same music course. Sam and Jordan also attended the same university.

Were there any other projects before you became the trio?

Alex : Before Lua Sonique I was Songwriting in aN originals band whilst also playing in a covers function band.
Jordan:  I’m currently working on a solo project which I’m excited for people to hear also I’ve got few features coming out in the next couple of months.
Sam: Pre Lua Sonique. I was a lone Producer/DJ, Mainly focusing on house music.  As you can imagine it is really fun and refreshing to be working with Alex and Jordan as previously i’d been working mainly on my own.

Are there ever any creative differences between the three of you. How do you compromise on the overall sound and aesthetic of the group?

We all have different ways about thinking about the music and finding inspiration. Jordan approaches the music in a very visual way. Alex has more of a perfectionist attitude towards the music. Sam has a “That’ll do” attitude. If something isn’t working musically we all tend to agree and move on. We all have very similar ideas to what things should sound like and look like. Rarely will we have any differences over anything.

What music or other musicians inspire you to write, record and continue to be in love with music?

Alex: I was brought up listening to a lot of The Police and Manu Chao so I think that is were my latin/reggae influence came from. Other influences also include Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.
Sam: I was very influenced by garage music and club music at a young age. as i got older my tastes developed. Id say my main influences are Atoms For Peace, Washed Out, James Blake and Caribou.
Jordan:  Growing up, soul disco was blasted into my ears from a very young age and you can hear the influences in my voice. Artists like Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Teena Marie have been a big influence. Contemporary artists such as Bjork, Hozier and The Knife inspire how I write, perform and record.

If you had to introduce a 4th member from any other band / musician, who would you love to be part of Lua Sonique?

Alex : John Klinghoffer as he takes a great creative approach as a guitarist/multi instrumentalist.
Jordan: The Pointer Sisters, As they could bring some really groovy vocals into the fold.
Sam: Binkbeats, The way he deconstructs electronic songs and turns them into something playable live is amazing!!

What other song do you wish you had written?

Alex: Mojo Pin By Jeff Buckley
Jordan:  Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush
Sam:  All I Need by Radiohead

Festival season is fast approaching do you have any top tips for festival goers?

Go see the bands you want to! if you’re friends are going to see someone else go on your own!

Tell us more about Searching’ – whats it about and is it a  good indication of what we can expect from you?

Searching is about the inner conversations you have with yourself when a relationship turn sours and your left wondering is the grass greener on the other side. Searching is a great indication of what you can expect from us in the future. Warm synths, Grooving drums, Mellow guitars and Soulful vocals all the ingredients that make a Lua Sonique Song.

What else can we expect from you, musically, for the remainder of the year?

We are currently in the process of prepping our live show, we are so excited to finally start playing our music out live!! We are also finishing up work on an EP!

How important do you think image and fashion is to an artists longevity within the music industry?

We really think it’s important to create a bit more of a visual experience with our sound. We want the music to be accompanied by something quite striking, that will really immerse people in the atmosphere of our sound, encompasses a lot of emotion and at the same time quite stark. We have been lucky enough to work with 3D artist and Art Director of SHOWstudio Jon Emmony, here we hope the fashion element will translate as Jon comes from a very fashion background. The video for the new track will be out fairly soon and we’re pretty excited about that and pretty excited to see how this sets the tone for the rest of our visuals both live and forthcoming music videos.

Which is your favourite social media platform and why?

Facebook is the social network we use most, we have group conversations about the band on Facebook. Our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/luasonique) is like our hub where everything we are up to gets posted. It also allows more interaction with people which we really love.


Words: Shane Hawkins


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