Misty Miller curates us a playlist of songs that make her happy in light of her latest single.


After we took note of the revamped Misty Miller and premiered her cover of The Only Ones’ “Another Girl Another Planet” we fell for her voice and attitude in equal measure. The 20-year-old South Londoner curates us a playlist contrasting to her new track, “Happy”. “Seeing as my latest single ‘Happy’ is actually about wearing a fake smile and not being happy at all (!) I wanted to share with you the songs that DO lift my mood, and always make me happy when I hear them.”

Modern English – “I Melt With You”

This song is particularly close to me at the moment because I have just met someone and feel this way.

Supergrass – “Alright”

This always lifts my mood. The lyrics are perfect! It’s an anthem for youth.. but I think it’s enjoyable whatever age you are.

Weezer – “Undone – Sweater Song”

When this song comes on, everyone sings along. Or more like shouts along ha! I never get tired of this tune.

Buzzcocks – “Why Can’t I Touch It?”

A mate of mine showed me this song last summer and the groove was instantly infectious. I love how long it is, too. You can leave it on in the backround and just enjoy πŸ™‚

Eels – “Fresh Feeling”

A couple of years ago I supported Eels on tour and this was always my favourite song of their set. They played this slightly different but still, it’s the song that shines through. And to be honest, I love the production on this record. So simple. “Old paint is peeling, this is that fresh feeling”. It gives me that exactly feeling… fresh!!

The Only Ones – “Another Girl Another Planet”

I covered this song recently.. Its up there as one of my favourite songs. Not just because of the fond memories of a particular time that it reminds me of, but because the lyrics are just so on point. I wish i had written them.

Dusty Springfield – “Spooky”

This song just has such a cool feel to it. Maybe it’s Dusty’s voice and delivery… something about it is just so smooooth. It makes me wanna sit in the sun set with an over priced cocktail.

The Specials – “A Message To You Rudy”

I only recently got into The Specials.. I don’t know why it took me so long, I’m almost annoyed at myself. But now that summer is on its way I have a feeling I’ll be listening to them a lot. I’m not usually a ‘summer’ kinda gal but this music makes me wanna make the most of it.

Penny and the Quarters – “You and Me”

I am a sucker for love songs. And i think this is one of the best. And for me, its all about the delivery and the recording take. Magic. So whether i can relate to it or not, i’m always transported to the feeling sung in this song when i hear it.

Royal Trux – “Juicy Juicy Juice”

My older drummer played me this song a couple of years ago and I remember playing it on repeat and acting like kids dancing around on my bed to it. It’s just so wacky. It makes me smile.


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