We grill US band Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas, who have just released their brand new EP, ‘Caught Up’

Jessica 3 by Julie Simon

The ‘Caught Up’ EP sees the Detroit-based band serving up a brilliantly polyglot sonic stew – equal parts rockabilly and surf pop, cabaret jazz and funky reggae, Latin psych and Gypsy punk – all cooked up on the hot Motor City pavement and seasoned by that distinctly Detroit combination of blasted R&B, show band theatrics, and limitless rock ‘n’ soul energy. The EP is fresh, focused and surprising, a remarkable new release from an utterly compelling new talent.

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas are now primed and raring to bring their ineffably cool Midwestern rock ‘n’ soul to overheated venues across Europe and we can’t wait until they land back on UK soil. Find out more about the band, below.

Tell us about your journey – where did it all begin with you?

Basically I’ve been singing since I could talk. I got into choirs and theater in grade school and that turned into singing in bands in high school. In college I was studying fashion and dropped my second year to fully go for music. I bought my first guitar, a little bit of recording gear and a midi piano and gave myself a crash course in writing and recording. I started playing open mics and opening for friends and slowly started adding more and more friends to the group to play what I was recording.

Did you grow up in a musical family  – where do you think your passion for music came from?

My family weren’t really that musical when I was growing up but they were always huge music fans. They introduced me to a lot of really good music that kind of sparked my musical interest at a young age. I also had the Latin influence from my dad’s parents, and my mom’s parents were Motown kids and grew up with bands like the Four Tops and Temptations playing at their school dances.

What were you listening too as you were growing up? Any guilty pleasures?

I was born in the late 80’s, so growing up I went through the Spice Girl craze and the boy band phase. I still remember every word to every Spice Girls or N’sync album.

What were the last 3 songs that you listened to?

  1. Barrington Levy- ‘Here I Am’
  2. Baltimora- ‘Tarzan Boy’
  3. Talking Heads- ‘This Must Be The Place’

How was the Letterman gig? It’s a pretty big deal right?

It was amazing! It felt really surreal actually. My parents, my brother, and his wife actually flew in from Detroit to sit in the audience and watch. All in all, it was pretty incredible and Dave and the band and everyone was so cool to us and made the experience that much more epic

What has been the best and worst gig that you’ve played, to date?

Best gig was a few years ago at The Bakery Loft. We’ve played way better shows since then but I just miss the days of playing in my loft and having it be this crazy DIY thing. Worst gig was probably in St. Louis a couple years ago. It was our first time out there and we were playing on a Sunday or Monday and we hadn’t promoted the show, and didn’t even have our album out. Literally no one was at the show.

What other emerging artists are you championing at the moment?

My number one is for sure The Growlers, admittedly it’s my boyfriend’s band but they really are incredible. Kera & The Lesbians is an incredible band from Southern California that we’ve played with and also my friends Rey Pila from Mexico City. They’re all incredible and worth getting into. 

Are you planning on playing any UK festivals across the summer?

We will be in the States for the rest of the summer doing the festival thing there, but we’re talking about going back to the UK in the fall.

You seem pretty style savvy – where do you like to shop?

Honestly, I do 90% of my shopping at thrift stores all over the States. I love to pick through old stuff and look for good prints or fabrics then take it home and reconstruct it to fit me and be more my style. I’m also a bit of a collector of vintage dresses.

Who are your favourite designers / labels

From an aesthetic/ artistic perspective I really admire Dior, Prada and Moschino. I am pretty frugal though and love designing and rare finds so I admire from afar.


Words: Shane Hawkins


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