This week’s #Wonderlist features comebacks from Hurts and Aston Merrygold, along with soulful scandipop from Ji Nilsson and a properly amazing track from newcomer Alessia Cara. So turn it up and get involved. ‘Till next time!

Sunny Ozell – ‘Git Gone’

Hailing from New York, rising star Sunny Ozell has been making quite the splash on the jazz clubs over the past few years. Known for adapting strange covers and old classic 70’s Americana jams, the singer will release her debut album, ‘Take it With Me’ later this summer.  On the track ‘Git Gone’, the singer can be melding country with a soulful blues voice. You can listen to the  ‘Git Gone’ EP HERE.

Alessia Cara – ‘Here’

Alessia Cara is the latest in a wave of brilliant new singers. Her soulful alt-pop is full of self-awareness and acute observations. On ‘Here’, the singer takes an open look at house parties and the vapid nature of idle chat-chat. This astute take down of her peer group speaks to the outsiders in all of us, something we’ve not seen in a new artist since Lorde. Signed to Def Jam records, this 18-year-old popstar is a new talent that we’re super excited about.

Hurts – ‘Some Kind of Heaven’

After the slight misstep of their sophomore album, Manchester pop outfit Hurts are back with a new single and, thank goodness, it’s a total banger. Obviously inspired their collaboration with Alesso and Calvin Harris, the song is a gospel-tinged dance track with a huge chorus that’s built up of “yeahs” and massive strings. With Hurts, the problem lies with where to place them outside of their huge eastern European following. However, with a song this good, hopefully the band can pave a path for themselves in the UK.

Aston Merrygold – ‘Get Stupid’

Former JLS-er and backflip extraordinaire Aston Merrygold debuted his first solo offering since the band’s split 18 months ago. With loads of throwback horns and a catchy chorus, it seems that it’ll be the battle of the solo boyband members this summer, with Nathan Sykes’ single also coming soon. What’s brilliant about Aston’s video is that there’s a dance routine nearly the whole way through the clip, placing him closer to Bruno Mars than anyone else. Whether the world needs all these ex-boyband members is yet to be seen, but everyone enjoys a bit of competition, right?

Major Lazer – ‘Powerful’ feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley

While it seemed that Major Lazer/Diplo would never have a radio hit, ever, it seems that things are turning around for the producer. Not only was ‘Lean On’ a massive hit across the globe, but now they’ve also roped in the help of radio favourite and fitness fanatic Ellie Goulding. The song is more traditional than the material we’re used to from Major Lazer, but we’re feeling the power-balladry. Unfortunately, even some brilliant production doesn’t quite manage to elevate Goulding’s sometimes-lackluster vocal, but the chorus featuring Tarrus Riley is pleasant enough. Although, it doesn’t exactly scream summer banger, does it?

Ji Nilsson – ‘Perfume’

Signed to Best Fit Records, Ji Nilsson follows a long stream of brilliant sad scandipop artists. First coming to our attention last year after dueting with pop stalwart Marlene, Nilsson has been hard at work on her debut album. Her latest single ‘Perfume’ is a track about the consuming nature of love and the joy that it can bring. We particularly like the nod to Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” after the choruses. While the song packs an emotional punch, we think that Nilsson can deliver something with more oomph. However, we’re definitely listening.

Alim Kheraj

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