Glastonbury born and bred trio Dive In are serving their own blend of synth-pop realness.

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Good things come to those who wait. There are plenty of pop groups serving catchy choruses and alluring falsetto vocals, but it’s been a while since a band can achieve this with an ice cool authority. Dive In does this with aplomb. Their new track “Eighteen”, a synth pop ballad with a tween charm, is the lead track of their EP of the same name. We meet with the boys from Glastonbury to see what they’ve been up to.

Your name is Dive In. How did you come about this name?

The name actually derives from a lyric in one of our songs. We liked how it kind of encompassed all that this band is about, our mantra if you like.

How did you guys meet?

It was a mutual love of music that brought us together. We each found ourselves back in Pilton, Glastonbury, and searching for the next chapter. It was kind of inevitable that the three of us would end up in a studio together.

Do you three have similar tastes in music?

Our taste in music is most definitely something that’s grown and developed during our time with each other. So yeah, for sure.

Who are the biggest influences for your music?

We listen to A LOT of music so naturally we’re going to be influenced (be it subconsciously) on some level.  Our writing and production process, however, is such an organic and natural affair that it’s always hard to pin point any direct musical influences. It’s not like we sit down and say, “Well, this song needs to sound like this band,’ you know? It’s all about feel. That in itself is probably the biggest influence.

You’re signed with Vagrant in the states and with Good Soldier Songs in the UK. Would you say your music is better received in the US or back home?

It’s early days but we seem to be going down well on both sides of the pond at this point. Time will tell. All feels very positive right now though.

How would you compare the British music industry with the one in America?

Again, it’s very early days. Too early to make any comparisons that’s for sure. All we know is we’re working with great / passionate music people on both sides of the Atlantic and that’s really exciting.

Do you think you’ll move stateside one day or would you miss Britain too much?

We’re not ones to rule anything out. But of course, we’d always miss Blighty. Home is home after all.

You’re launching your 2015 with your latest single “Eighteen”. What inspired you to write this song?

It was born from a loop pedal jam, inspired by a day of watching the festival fences go up and the – what some may call delusional – idea that we could someday amount to the successes of the bands and artists that descend upon our village each year.

What’s your favourite song on the upcoming EP? What’s it like?

Now that’s a tough one. We couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. These songs are our children, each one means so much and something so different. We’ve lived with them for too long and there’s no separating us. However, in regards to what the EP sounds like – we’ve often likened its sound to an explosion of colour, if you can put that into context…

You share your hometown with Glastonbury Festival. What are your favourite festivals to attend?

Well, we’re just going to have to say Glastonbury.

Who’s the biggest party animal out of you three? What are Dive In like to party with?

Haha. We’re all partial…  It usually starts with a bottle of Grey Goose…

What’s in the pipeline for you?

Lots more misc, new releases and a live show. It’s most certainly all go now.

Check out their website here.

Dive In will be performing at The Lexington for The Line of Best Fit on 5th August. Tickets are £6.00 (18+ only).

Words: Christopher Maul


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