We bring you the exclusive premiere album stream of Danish electronic duo, Rangleklods’ second album, ‘Straitjacket’


Esben Nørskov Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, AKA Rangleklods are back with their second album, ‘Straitjacket’. Having taken a hands-on approach to production and even album artwork design, the record is truly their own. A continuation of their ‘Beekeepers’ debut and an exercise in atmospheric electronica, Rangleklods cited influences of Bowie and Burial shine through on their sophomore offering, with their awkward and entrancing experimentations.

Delve into the record the blitzed through in just six months below. Pay close attention to “Lost U”, as the album’s first single it’s already garnered great praise and no doubt, “Schoolgirls” the forthcoming second release, will follow suit. We caught up with Esben and Pernille to talk about the band’s conception, top tracks on the record and being inspired by 90s UK rave.

How did you become a band?

Pernille: It began as Esben’s solo project, but I was a part of it from the very beginning acting as his second pair of ears, helping out with recordings and the general composition of the songs. Gradually it turned into more of a collaboration between us, and when we wrote “Clouds” together it felt right and we wanted to do it again.

How do you think your second album differs from your first? Did you find it harder to make or did you escape the second album curse?

Esben: ‘Straitjacket’ is more immediate and has a different drive. Both more energetic and aggressive, yet calmer at times. And less melancholic. It took us some time to find the right path with this album but when we did, it was actually made within six months.

What are each of your roles in the band, how do you write together?

Pernille: Our process varies completely from song to song. We don’t have a recipe. But Esben’s role is to produce and create an interesting sound from where we can build our harmonic and melodic universe. He’s always looking for obscure sound sources like fractions of bad quality YouTube videos or real sounds around us and he’s brilliant at coming up with grooves which is often the starting point of our songs. My role is to have the bird’s eye view and make the components play together in actual songs. And then we just play around with the different qualities of our vocals.

Why have you called the album ‘Straitjacket’?

Esben: We called the album ‘Straitjacket’ for two reasons. First of all, because for a long time we felt as if we were caught in a straitjacket making this album: too many rules and ideas. But it has a positive meaning to us because we broke free from it and found exactly the sound and vibe that we wanted to when we gave up all that shit. Secondly, the word reflects the lyrical themes on the album very well.

What’s your favourite track on the album?

Esben: My favourite track right now is “Dry Me Out”. It’s the song I wanted to make for the past 3 years, and it happened in the very last days before the final deadline of the album. It made me insanely happy and relieved. The album in its entirety made perfect sense to me with that song added.
Pernille: My favourite at the moment is “Lost U”. It was the trouble child of the album because the chorus was the first thing we wrote that made it to the album. But it was so powerful that we struggled for a long time to build a song around it. I’m so happy about the result. It’s a special song to me.

How would you describe the record’s overall feel?
Pernille: The overall feel is aggressive and decisive, yet thoughtful, emotional and layered.

What else were you listening to in the time that you made ‘Straitjacket’?
Esben: Early 90s UK rave, mid 90s hip hop and industrial shit alongside old heroes like Bowie, Holden and Portishead, etc.

Do you prefer recording or performing?
Esben: We can’t choose between the two. The high you get from getting something right in the studio can be just as intense as the one you get from playing live. But then you get to share that high with an audience night after night playing it live. We wouldn’t be able to do one without the other, I don’t think.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
Pernille: To have made ‘Straitjacket’. We’re psyched about this record and each song on it.

What are your aspirations as a band? Is there a particular artist that you admire, not necessarily musically but in terms of success?
Esben: It’s probably David Bowie. His ability to stay curious throughout his career, creating new patterns and ideas. He has redefined his artistic self so many times and still he’s kept his audience hypnotised. His chameleon persona is one of a kind in music history.


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