Guam girl Pia Mia stars in Missguided’s sizzling summer campaign. Here she talks Michael Jackson, metallic fanny packs and growing up in Guam.


Pia Mia Perez is the girl from Guam who’s got an Instagram following larger than the population of her native. Having won Drake over with her cover of “Hold on We’re Going Home” at a dinner party with Kanye (as you do), her sex-laced vocals are sure to be soundtracking your summer. Picked by Missguided to star in their sizzling hot summer campaign shot in LA, you can expect a collection of “cute rompers, dope strappy heels, and an insane metallic fanny pack!”, modelled by the minx herself. Here ‘Mia tells us more…

Okay first off, is Pia Mia your real name?

Yes Pia Mia is my real name. It is my first name. I was named after my Aunt Mia, who was the only other girl in my family at the time and my parents wanted to make sure that she still felt special – she was only 12 at the time. She has been a huge part of my life; she’s one of my best friends. She has really supported me through the process of trying to reach my dreams, being from Guam, and singing. Everything that she is is an inspiration to me, and I am proud to have been named after her.  It’s crazy how my parents named me after her [without knowing if we’d be similar], yet we happen to be so alike.

What age did you start singing?

Actually, I started singing accidentally when I was eight years old in a school play. Right when I stepped on stage, that’s where I found my confidence, and felt at home and like I could express myself. I finally felt like I knew who I was.  From then on, I started singing anywhere I could. I would sing at Japanese weddings, government events… I went on humanitarian tours with my school doing musicals and sang that way.  I was desperate to sing anywhere. That’s how I built my dream – I just sang anywhere I could.

So, we heard you performed around the dinner table for Drake…

I just happened to be invited to a family dinner, I didn’t know that Drake or Kanye or anyone was going to be there. We sat down, and in the middle of eating, Kanye looked at me and was like, “Yo,” and kind-of reintroduced me to Drake, saying, “This is Pia Mia. She’s a great singer, she has great style… Pia, sing something for him.” And I had just done the Drake cover [of “Hold On We’re Going Home”] a few days before. I had just finished it, so I decided to sing that for him. It was great. He really liked it. It was just nice to know that even though I had completely redone his song and made it my own, he still liked it.


That’s a pretty cool story. So if you had to pick, who would be your all-time favourite musician?

My all-time favourite musician is Michael Jackson, for sure. Growing up on Guam, there wasn’t a lot of music you could go to and see live, and the only thing I really knew was YouTube. I would watch Michael Jackson and study his music – his live performances, really everything about him – as well as Beyoncé and Celine Dion. That’s really how I vocally trained myself and figured out how to sing. I would always try to master their vocals and watch their performances to see what calibre I needed to get to, to be able to be a great performer.

You must have travelled a lot for work, where’s your favourite country and why?

That’s a good question. I would say Singapore – it’s really one of the most beautiful places I’ve gone. I was there working for a humanitarian tour and I had never been there before. Traveling and being able to perform for the people there and getting to experience that country was special for me.  The process of being able to help people by participating in that tour is something I will always remember.

Tell us about your collaboration with Missguided, how did it come about?

The collaboration with Missguided is something that I am really thankful for. I am really specific with brands I work with, or really anything I do – I’m not going to do it unless I truly love it and want to be a part of it. So when they asked me to be the girl for Missguided, I was so excited and felt so honored because I’ve been obsessed with Missguided for so long now. I just felt like it fit perfectly – all of their clothes on their site, anyone can find anything to make it fit into their personal style. They always have new stuff uploaded on to the site. So when they hit me up and asked if I wanted to be their girl, and I was like, “Uh, of course, yes I would love to do that!”

What can we expect from the collection?

Definitely a lot of cute two-piece outfits. That is something I am really in love with. I love doing little crop tops with matching bottoms. I’d say cute rompers, dope strappy heels, and an insane metallic fanny pack! Also, I am obsessed with this fringe suede jacket and their cute suede crop top.

What else are you working on for 2015?

I just dropped my first official single. It’s called “Do It Again”, and it features Chris Brown and Tyga – it’s been playing all over the radio and been getting an insane response. I’m about to perform at Power 106 LA’s Power House on the [email protected] stage on May 16, which is super intense for me. Everyone who has performed on that stage is just so amazing and I’m so honoured that they asked me to perform. We’re going to have a super dope performance for that. We’ve been in rehearsals straight for two weeks. I’m also going to shoot the music video for “Do It Again” soon. I just plan on performing more, putting more music out there and working on dropping my album!

We can’t wait for that!



Rae Sremmurd – “No Type”

Jeremiah ft J.Cole – “Planes”

Yiruma – “River Flows In You”

Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”

View the Pia Mia X Missguided campaign at missguided.co.uk

Read our Pia Mia interview from the Summer 15 issue of Wonderland here.

words: Brooke McCord


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