As the queen of pop, Katy Perry,  graces not one, but three covers of Wonderland, we take a look at 7 of her most endearing on-stage and on-screen characters.


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Having first made an appearance in Katy’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” video, Kathy Beth Terry is the singer’s teenage alter-ego who just happens to be friends with Rebecca Black, a wild haired Darren Kris and a super hot model. Complete with dorky head-brace, oversized plaster-fixed glasses, some odd denim and a neon turtle-neck dress, Kathy proved so popular that Katy even took her on the Teenage Dream tour with her…


No rundown of Katy Perry’s characters would be complete without a fond nod to role in The Smurf movie. Providing the voice of the iconic Smurfette, who took the lead role in The Smurfs 2 (which also featured a song by fellow pop-star Britney Spears), Katy made quite a splash with her role as the loveable little blue critter.


This is one of Katy’s most moving videos that sees the singer play an older version of herself. Wearing prosthetics and grey hair, the video sees Katy mourning the death of her one true love (who tragically died in car accident when they were younger). It’s an emotional roller-coaster, with Katy looking back and visiting the turn in the road where he died. The end of the video, soundtracked by Johnny Cash’s cover of “You Are My Sunshine”, is certain to make sternest of faces shed a tear.


Wide Awake, a video that’s semi-inspired by Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, acts as a somber end to the Teenage Dream era, one that was previously full to the brim of bubblegum and squirty cream. Full of self-referential moments, the video sees Katy roaming through a labyrinth, a hall of mirrors and a place full of beautiful flora, until she emerges, rising on a platform to perform “Teenage Dream”. It’s the perfect ending to the era, one full of emotion and wistful optimism.


While Prism was promised to be a darker venture than Teenage Dream, the album ended up being full of infectious and addictive pop-bops and high-energy tracks to get your blood rushing. One super smash-hit from the album, “Dark Horse”, saw Katy take to ancient Egypt playing the character of “Katy Pätra” the witch of Memphis. While the video was criticised by some, it became a hit, and remains the third most watched clip on YouTube. In other news, that trap breakdown is pretty incredible.


Not one to shy away from a challenge (or the realm of fantasy), Katy plays five different roles in the video for “Birthday”, an elderly burlesque dancer called Goldie, the Jewish master of ceremonies named Yosef Shulem, a clown named Kriss, an animal trainer named Ace and a face painter named Princess Mandee. Filmed at real birthday parties, the participants were unaware that a music video was being filmed, rather thinking that they were taking part in a reality show. Filmed with typical hidden camera humour, the video is intricate and shows Katy’s versatility when it comes to her full-throttle personas.

Wonderland Cover

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Shot by Christian Oita, we’ve got three snaps of Katy in three different personas. Donning two different hair do’s, the covers see the pop chameleon showcasing just how versatile she is, adorned in Fendi, Christian Dior and Chanel. We’re sure you’ll agree she looks mesmerising, after all as Katy put it it’s one of the “favourite shoots I’ve EVER done.”

Words: Alim Kheraj


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