Avant-garde artist Kissey has compiled us a playlist of tracks for spring time in New York.

Kissey 'the awakening' by Wenjun Miakoda Liang (pls credit photo)

Soon to be New York’s pop queen, Kissey has exploded on to the scene as an indie artist and music producer, who co-founded her own label KISSKISS records in 2013. Apart from working with super-producers such as Aaron Jerome, Actress, Axel Bowman and The Martinez Brothers, she released her debut self-produced EP “The Initiation” in 2014 and has even created bespoke sound collaborations for the likes of Givenchy. Kissey’s soulful vocals and dark glittery soundscapes mask stories of love, lust, dreams, blood, sweat and tears; and her ethereal sound binds together haunting electronics and alternate dance floor pop that will have you dancing in no time.

Here, Kissey curates us a playlist of tracks for skating in central park or chilling on a Manhattan rooftop in the height of spring.

Mr Carmack – ‘Stroke It Baby’

This remix is insanity, i can’t stop listening to it. The moment the beat comes in at 0.46 is so heavy, it makes me want to mash pit, jump in to someone and turn a bushwick dance floor into glitter. so heavy and so beautiful. Me and my friends would tear up the kitchen to this.


Arca – ‘Manners’

When i listen to this track i feel as if if i’m swimming with dolphins in a turquoise sea, it is sparkling, there are waves, mermaids, we are under water and over water, a dance. A very beautiful image to see when hearing such a beautiful track. Definitely something i would dream at home in Astoria.

Oh Wonder – ‘The Rain’ (SteLouse edition)

Anyone who has been in NY has experienced epic 15minute rain showers that happens late spring and summer. There is something very magical about being caught under a scaffolding with a bunch of strangers, this amazing tension builds and the most amazing conversations and flirts are initiated with the soundtrack of the rain surrounding.


Flako – ‘Honey Drips’

Luscious like Brooklyn botanical garden. Honey, blossoms, trees, it’s green, scented with lukewarm winds that plays with you clothes and hair, just before the 12 o’clock sun starts burning your cheekbones.

Foxtrott – ‘Driven’ 

This song is so night time  Lower East Side to me, probably because i saw her play there for the first time in a small venue during CMJ. It sounds like biking up 1st avenue, with street lights, people walking out in the road randomly, red lights, taxis trying to crawl up on you like a shark, but you a maneuvering it all like a knife cutting butter.

James Brown ‘I Feel Good’ (E.Train Remix)

This feel like the invitation, the welcome-hello from the sound system when stepping out on that rooftop dance floor, seeing all over Manhattan 3 am in the morning, seeing the skyline of jersey, seeing everyone finally smile, finally relax and dress up, no more winter coats. this song feels like when you nail a high five perfectly in your right palm with you best friend because you guys came up with the best game plan in the world. stunning.


Sango & SPZRKT ‘ HowDoYouLoveMe (esta remix Ft Towkio)

This feels like the beach out on Long Island on a weekend, it feels like running in sand, it sounds like seeing all the people who usually only wear black in the city come out and play in colors, it’s happy, but serious.


Doshy -‘Hornets ft Stagga’

This one… i love this track, this track totally gets a free pass in to any playlist i make right now. i feel amazing hearing it, and visualize my brooklyn homegirls tearing it up.


Famingosis – ‘Gas Pedal’

Cruising in Bedstuy in a shitty ride needs a smooth song so you feel like royalty, a song that makes you feel like a flirt, and the same time makes you wave hi to your friend’s grandma hanging on the stoop, wife beaters and jeans, white towels to wipe your sweat, catcalls, BBQ, lovemaking with open windows…. i love NY and BK during the spring.


Kissey’s EP “The Awakening” debuts on April 27th.

Words: Sarah Barnes

Photography: Wenjun Liang


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